Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Flowers for everyone! Enjoy each petal!

Yes..after Thanksgiving, I still have plenty to be thankful for!

I saw this post from another blog (WOMEN TAKING A STAND) I'm following. I'm such a stalker. hahaha! jk

When I saw it, I was thinking of what I'm thankful for today.

While I was washing the dishes, I remembered how I always try to make it a point yearly if not daily, to thank my wonderful friends.

So here it goes...

For my personal friends (friends I see in person hehehe):
I want to thank my ever loyal friends who make the effort and time to communicate with me and not make excuses to not do so. A blessed thank you to: Jergens (my youth bestfriend), Jerevy, Elisha, Deena, Justine, Karen, Raquel, Monicca, Julie Ann, Cathy, Nonie, JR, Ate Cathy, Ate Lani, Ate Jet, Shadz, Mia, Weene, Gracie, Kim of DMI, Mitchie, Cor, Edz, Eleasah, Irene, Jessa, JM, Jonatan, Joy (my young friend), July, Ate Cheryl, Aiko, Ate Lenlen, Mrs. Palisoc, Ayesa, Zeus, Hope, Shaira, Sheina, Rej, Darien, Sefa, Lyn, Mira, Ate Leigh..these are my past and present friends..thank you for not judging me and taking care of my heart!

For my pastors (I consider them my friends):
For always believing in me and never judging me. A special thank you to: Pastor Windsor Cabrera, Pastora Tess Cabrera, Pastor Eric Noche, Pastora Girlie and to my other churchmates

For my friends in Blogger:
I felt awful when I had to put up a post about my featured blog because I'd like to put everyone in my list. It doesn't mean you are not appreciated. A heartfelt thank you to: Tammy of Omah's Helping Hands (thank you for all the consistent comments and beautiful blogs you post), inevitable of the contents of my glove compartment (thank you for your beautiful young and innocent heart hungry for GOD and your gift of wisdom), Kim of Homesteader's Heart (thank you for tickling my funny bone every time I visit your blog and your cooking blog, too), Beth of The One-Minute Writer (thank you for the idea of One-Minute writing and for the funny posts about your adorable children and sharing their admiring photos in your other blog), Emily of By God's Grace (thank you for inspiring me to continue life because of your hunger and excitement for GOD), Janice of Butterfly Gardener (thank you for your admiring posts), Meili_Lo of Life Worth Remembering (thank you for the encouraging posts and blogs you own - 5 blogs), Jeanne of Inspiring Ideas (thank you for the beautiful creations - you inspire me), Janelly of Mama on a Mission (thank you for the wonderful revelations from GOD you share with us), Sherri of Matter of Fact (thank you for your interesting posts - btw, if you're reading this, I am unable to comment on your blog because of your comment type form even if I would love to do so), Gentle Warrior of Not Without a Fight (thank you for inspiring me to be patient and go on with life), Lisa of Stop and Smell the Chocolates (thank you for your chocolatey blog - i love chocolate! hehehe), Karen of the art of heart (thank you for encouraging me to have more heart for people), Mom of Many at A Place Called Simplicity (thank you for the heart you have for children around the world and literally adopting them) Karen of Loved and Engraved (thank you for being an amazing aunt to Janice and for the nice comments you put in Ate Leigh's blog)...thank you to all the cooking blogs in the list that I follow and for all the other blogs in my are all loved and appreciated! Believe it or not, you have touched my life.

For my family (you are my third closest friends):
My heart will never part from these super dee duper awesome friends. An everlasting thank you to: my daddy, my mommy, my sisters, my 2 aunts who are very close to me, my ninang Aleja...I love you so much!

For my second bestfriend:
I will always desire my future with you whatever happens. I love you today, tomorrow and forever. A loving thank you to: Cody Lee Howe. Thank you for being my partner, my soulmate, my earthly bestfriend. Thank you for always being there and understanding me. Thank you for the rebukes and the encouragements. You are a big impact in my life that I never want to lose. A BIG THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH, MY CODY!

For my FATHER:
YOU are my every good and perfect thing. YOU light up my life. YOU move my mountains. YOU give me blessings and trials. YOU are my first love. YOU are my Heavenly bestfriend. YOU complete me. YOU are my all in all! FATHER, THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU! Thank you for my life. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF ME AND ALL THAT I WILL BE! MY LOVE AND THANKSGIVING FOR YOU IS ETERNAL!

How about you? What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.





When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


anything.something.everything said...

thank you so much for this post! the thought that you spent so much time putting the links and all that :o) the thought itself is already wonderful, how much more putting the links.

you are one sweet soul too :o)


Omah's Helping Hands said...

A Big Thank You goes to you! You have such a loving kind heart; a true woman of the Lord. Our Father is smiling down on you. You really inspire me.
You always have encouraging words; a wonderful sense of humor; a love for live; and most importantly, a love and dedication for our Heavenly Father.

God Bless you sweet sister of the Lord!

~hon~ said...

Meili ~> you have no idea but no sweat when it comes to my friends. id do everything for my friends. im glad you appreciate it. i really am.

Tammy ~> my heart was genuinely smiling when you said that our Father is smiling down on me. thank you for the sweet and kind words.

I love you, ladies of GOD!