Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Orphanage and Devotional Walk

This is one of the most exciting days of my life.

GOD has blessed my youths and I so much!

I was sick with diarrhea last night then I had fever this morning before the event. But I rebuked it and chose to obey GOD whatever happens. GOD is so good!

I was up early to cook spaghetti. We prepared spaghetti, sandwiches and graham balls for the orphans and the needy on the streets. I've never thought I could ever have done this in my entire life.

I've learned so much today. We had a youth cell meeting before we went to the orphanage. I shared about "Serving in Greatness." I'll post this sermon later. I keep forgetting. Sorry.

I was so blessed by GOD with this message that I just had to overflow. When we were at the orphanage, I was getting weak again. I stayed strong. GOD's Strength was upon me. Just to see all those kids and teens happy is such a blessing to me. The warm welcome they had for us is incredible. Little kids who smiled at us. Said their thank you's. One boy even listed all of our phone numbers. It was so heartwarming. I could barely move my body because of the pain but my heart was rejoicing (still is). While we were about to leave, Jerevy shared with me about a teen (girl) whom she talked to and one boy who has been following her everywhere. hahaha! The girl told her that she was continuously raped by her uncle. While the boy was physically abused (he was tied on his neck several times and they put the rope somewhere and tie a rope on his ankle and tie it to a tricycle). It is terrible. Even if kids are ornery, they still deserve respect. It is heartbreaking to know that. If only I can do something more but GOD placed a burden in my heart to continually visit the orphanage with my youths. We played games with them. Gave them prizes. Fed them and took pictures with them. I'll post their pictures soon. Their smiles are truly etched in my heart. Please pray for these children. If you wish to sponsor one, I can give you the contact info of the orphanage.

After the orphanage, I was truly hot with fever. Very warm, uncomfortable breaths. I still pursued on doing the Devotional Walk. Joy was added up in my heart. We were walking down the streets when we were searching for the needy. First up, there was a very dirty man (probably mentally retarded) lying down outside a building. Sleeping. He wasn't waking up (pretending kind of - the others saw him opened his eyes) so we just left the food beside him. Next was a little boy. Then the next is a very dirty old man who has a cane walking down the street, too. He was so happy. He even thanked us. We greeted him a "Merry Christmas." He was all smiles. I am just overwhelmed with the trust he had for us. He ate the food without even doubting if it had poison or something. We went to my friend, Karen, and gave her food, too. It was especially cooked, anyway. hahaha! We also gave food to one security guard from another institution and another seller of flowers as they entered Karen's office. She walks all throughout the town just to sell those flowers. She was so happy. She even gave us free flowers but we also bought some. hehehe! The last one was truly amazing. We only had two more packed spaghetti. Suddenly, a parent and his daughter was singing Christmas carols outside Karen's office. We were amazed. GOD gives the people you need. Yes! I need them. In this materialistic world right now, I need the poor people to remind me of my blessings.

I praise GOD because during these times, nothing worse ever happened to me. My diarrhea never asked me to go to the comfort room. hehehe! BUT I really had to go when I came home. Can you believe GOD's protection upon HIS children? I can be unfaithful but GOD is always faithful. Even if I went home sick, I am truly gifted with JOY! I can't even explain. It's just amazing.

Remember that the seeds you're planting will be given back to you in double portions. GOD has blessed us with so much...why not share them? Whether they are trustworthy or not, you'll never know whom you can offer to JESUS. You'll never know how far GOD can use you as HIS instrument for the salvation of others if you do not take action. LOVE trusts always! We do not think negatively of others as we don't want them thinking negatively of us. GOD has made me learned so much from this. We are serving not because of the blessings but because of our LOVE for our beautiful GOD! Btw, those blessings won't be there if not for our MOST HIGH GOD!

GOD IS SO GOOD! Why not share HIM to others?

This is a song I've been singing while I was on my bed resting. I claim healing! Please pray for GOD's healing upon me. I love you with the love of our dearest LORD, my dear friends!


Btw, I will rest from my computer. I'm just so excited to share this to all of my friends. YES YOU ARE MY FRIEND! I will soon post some comments and more blogposts and read your posts, too.

Continue to pray for me and my youths. You are a blessing. The gift of prayer is an amazing gift to someone.

I want to thank a few of my blessings who have participated in this calling. Thank you ELISHA RANDEE VARGAS, DEENA MAE DAROY, JUSTINE DE VERA, JEREVY SARMIENTO, JERGENS SARMIENTO AND HUMILITY JAVIER!




Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.

When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW BY GIVING!


Karen M said...

Thank you for your prayers for my husband. He is improving rapidly.

God bless you in your work with the orphans and your youth group.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh sweet woman of God. You are amazing. Although sick, you still followed His calling. You are a true woman of the Lord beyond many. What a true inspiration you are. I so just want to go out now and find all I can. You have done more for me this morning than you could ever imagine.

God Bless You.

Father God, Thank you for placing such a woderful person in my life. You are a Good God that we do not deserve. You are forever faithful, and we thank you for that.
Father, please place your healing hands upon my dear sister in You. Help her heal quickly and put her back on her feet so that she can continue to do your work all to glorify Your Name. She is a good woman of Yours Father.
In Jesus sweet Name I pray. Amen & Amen.

Sure hope you heal soon. I'm believing in healing for you soon. Love you greatly,