Thursday, December 25, 2008


1.) JESUS CHRIST is our greatest GIFT this CHRISTMAS that's why CHRISTMAS won't be CHRISTMAS without CHRIST in it. I would be nothing without our SAVIOR. HIS birth is the most important birth in the world. If not for HIM, I wouldn't be given the opportunity to have eternal life with GOD.

2.) One of my most beautiful blessings is my fiance´, my soulmate, my partner, my bestfriend, my Cody! GOD surely gave me to be a helper to a Godly man. Faithful, hardworking, funny, handsome, patient, many more to mention but the greatest would be, his first love is GOD.

3.) My family is complete this CHRISTMAS. As always. We were very happy cooking together, eating together, opening our gifts for each other and just hanging out together. Best things in life are free.

4.) I have faithful friends. One of my nicest gifts this year is to get more friends but Christian friends whom I can rely on in times of trials. Well, for some. hahaha! Still, all of them are my friends. Thank you, everyone for being my friend!

5.) I've got so many material things this year. GOD has been so gracious with HIS blessings for me. I've got many trials but my blessings came in double portions. Now, I would like to testify for something I asked but never expected but discerned. I got you confused, huh? hahaha! My sister, the one who works for Samsung, was the one who drew out my name for the exchange gifts. She asked for my wish list. I told her I want Cody for Christmas. She said she couldn't afford that. hahaha! I began to think. After some thinking, I told her she could just give me the cheapest cellphone at Samsung. She said the cheapest phones there aren't that nice. So I went on to another option. I told her that I could use some sneakers instead. She said we'll just shop for them here since Samsung gave them discount coupons at the mall. We were scheduled to shop on the 24th which was yesterday for us here but she postponed it to the 26th. I had discerned then that I might get a cellphone but I didn't really wanted to expect it. So I just instilled in my heart that whatever I'm getting will be very much appreciated since my sister being here is more important to me. Btw, I bought my other sister (the youngest) a lavender Princess Bible. Lavender is her favorite color. The story behind that Bible is that I was asking my friends at the bookstore months ago if they had a pink princess Bible because I wanted to buy one for myself. When I was at the bookstore the other day to buy my sister a new Bible, my friend showed me the last piece of their princess Bibles. I knew then that it was meant for my sister. I told GOD when I bought that, "Lord, You will give this back to me." Somewhere in my words, I knew I was declaring something. Something unknown. Something unexpected but very much loved already (whatever it is). Ok back to CHRISTMAS Eve. It was time for opening of gifts. Here is what I got...

Tell I even deserve this?

I'm just so honored to get this gift. I couldn't even sleep because I kept on asking myself if I deserve it.

There's also a story behind it. It's a very expensive phone but my sister got it on their employee sale. Not all employees get the chance monthly since it's on a drawlots' basis. My sister didn't expect for her name to be drawn. Her name was drawn and the phone that she drew was this and she gets to pay it for a very cheap price. Employee sale. When she got it, the security guard was asking her to sell it to him for 5000 pesos. Since GOD dealt with my sister about money and all that, she was able to refuse the offer. Do you think it was really meant for me? GOD is an ABUNDANT GOD! That I'm sure.

Would you like to share any CHRISTMAS stories of your own? Don't hesitate to do so.

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When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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Omah's Helping Hands said...

Wow! God is so awesome! What a neat Christmas story. Thanks for sharing that.

God Bless