Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Miss Emily Rose Mollet

My friend, I'm excited for you!

You will soon bade farewell to your single life and change your surname. Ain't that exciting? hehehe!

I know you are very excited and so I'd like to take this honor of congratulating you and the blessed groom. You are both blessed. CONGRATULATIONS!

For all who are married and yet to marry very soon and to those who are with their spouses/soon-to-be spouses, cherish the moments you have with them. I am in a long-distance relationship so I must say that it is very difficult. So please take care of the people you love and stay committed. LOVE SOME MORE!

Emily, hope you have a GOD-filled marriage and may GOD shine more than anything and anyone else in your marriage. You are very blessed and highly favored, dear princess of GOD. iLoveYou, my darling co-heiress in CHRIST!

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My Silver Birthday

I've been used to celebrating my birthday kind of alone, if not with my immediate family. I know this is a delayed post but I've been anticipating this. hehehe!
Being in GOD is the best gift I've had my entire life.

I was given the chance to celebrate my birthday with my disciples and friends. Unexpectedly, they gave me gifts that I will forever cherish.

These are the cards given to me. Incomplete coz some gave later. hehehe! I LOVE cards! I asked them to make them for me. hehehe!

New books given by Jergens and Justine

Ballpen holder given by Dayanara

Blouse given by Regina and an angel on a cupcake given by Monicca - I LOVE cupcakes! I'm an angel, huh? hahaha! just kidding!

A shining tiara with H in the middle. My name starts with H! hehehe!

One day, Monicca and I went to the bookstore. I passed by the section of cards. I saw the huge cards then I saw this very cute child. I couldn't let it go but when I looked at the price, I didn't buy it. hehehe! My heart melted at the beauty of this child.
On my birthday, Jerevy said, "Because it's your birthday..." then she held out a huge envelope. I said, "OH NO" and while I was pulling it, I already saw the top lining and I knew it was the card I LOVE. Then I looked at Monicca and said, "You told them." She said no. She said she was also surprised when she saw that 3 of the girls bought it the day before my birthday.

All of my birthday gifts
Special thanks to my Ninang Aleja Good who sent me my birthday money again. To my sisters and sisters in CHRIST at Destiny Ministries International. You all made my birthday happy! Thank you to everyone who greeted me. Special gratitude to my Cody who stays committed in spite of the trials. I love you all!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Next Level

I do not regret embracing the G12 vision. It does not overcomplicate what's written in GOD's Word. It desires change in each member to lovingly win more souls for GOD. I am personally changed by GOD through this vision.
My special gratitude belongs to the following people...

I'm super grateful for my G12 pastor, Pastora Queen Helene Panlilio - you have helped me love people more no matter how difficult it is. You totally yield to GOD and you are my inspiration.

I'm overly thankful for my G12 cell leader, Hazel Javier - you inspire me to be soft spoken and to be gentle with words and actions. I have seen you grow as my sister and as my leader.

I'm blessed to have a committed head pastor, Pastor Windsor Cabrera and youth pastor, Kuya Israel Magbanua. Super thank you for your commitment to our FATHER's ministry. You are one of my role models.

I'm deeply humbled with so much of GOD's grace for giving me my most beautiful blessing - Cody Lee Howe! You are so amazing. You taught me a lot of things that i never thought a partner could ever give. You are my first ministry and you have the heart for true commitment. Thank you for enduring the pains with me and for being stern about bringing out the best in me.
You are an epitome of friendship and partnership. Thank you for your humility and love. With you, i have learned to fight coz of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. The enemy has no power over us because of this simple fact - JESUS died for us. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Thank you for standing in the TRUTH and keeping me on GOD's track.


Four of my 12 attended the ENCOUNTER WEEKEND last week. Amazingly, in 2 days and 2 nights, they have encountered GOD like no other simply because they desired change. Deena, the shy type, who stopped attending church services and cell meetings for 2 months is now an active talker and attender. Monicca, the depressed backslider, who used to be depressed at almost everything is now an active soul winner and inviter. Depression turned into joy. GOD's freedom is outstanding. Jergens, the negative thinker and talker, who used to be negative with almost every comment she says is now optimistic and happy for being freed from pessimism. She is going to start cell groups now. Regina, the competitive type, who was always misinterpreted by her classmates is now tactful, loving and understanding. Her classmates testified that she has positively changed. ENCOUNTER GOD and you will truly change and step onto the next level. GOD IS SUPER AMAZING!

Desire change. Focus. Step onto THE NEXT LEVEL.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Strategies in GOD's Ministry

If there is one thing I've learned from my pastors, that is being openminded about other congregations' strategies. It is not a question of loyalty but a question of passion in the ministry. How much are you willing to grow in quality and in quantity?

This is unity in the Spirit - not despising or setting aside other people's visions but regarding them as GOD's vision bottled in every disciple. Of course, we must test every spirit.

My sister instilled the G12 vision in me and it's growing coz i saw how my sister bloomed in quality. Another friend who used to ignore me whenever i shared JESUS with him is now alive in CHRIST and super excited to serve and he is driven to share with me the vision in their church through camps.

Christians should not isolate themselves from other Christians. We are not supposed to be competing. We are one in Spirit. LET US ALL UNITE FOR THE FURTHERANCE OF OUR FATHER'S KINGDOM!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GOD's Magic Slate

Have you felt unworthy today? Undeserving? Nothing really matters? You're a failure?
Guess what? GOD has a magic slate for you.
HE gives you that magic slate everyday. You write all your successes as well as your failures in that magic slate. You write everything before you go to sleep. Then as you pray, you offer that magic slate to GOD.
When you wake up, you have a brand new magic slate. GOD has lifted the top of the slate for you to start all over again.
You are worthy to be loved. GOD thinks you are worthy of HIS love, grace, mercy, faihtfulness and forgiveness. Before and after you have served, GOD says, "I am pleased with you. You don't have to perform to anyone. I am your only audience."
Remember that at the end of the day, it's just you and GOD.
I am done living the life of Saul. I am now ready to live the life of Paul. I am done experiencing my past. I am now super excited to experience and encounter GOD!!! Not just learn new Scriptures, insights or quotes. Not just fellowship with others. BUT really experience and encounter GOD!!!
GOD made me feel so loved this week that I am so excited to make everyone feel loved by HIM.
Are you willing to receive GOD's magic slate? Are you ready to encounter GOD everyday?
Let's journey on!!!