Monday, May 3, 2010

GOD's Favor as with a Shield

Psalm 5:12
For surely, O LORD, You bless the righteous;
You surround them with Your favor as with a shield.

Such a beautiful verse! The LORD will bless the righteous no matter what. Did you read that right? Surround? Yes SURROUND! GOD surrounds the righteous with HIS favor. Just amazing! I've been pondering on this verse for how many days now in my devotions.

So I would like to share some favors I've received from GOD.

1.) I was thinking about what to name my future baby girl. Out of the blue, I thought of Frischia. I made up the spelling. hehehe! I was thinking what that could possibly mean. I didn't research. After a few years, when I borrowed one of my friends' spray cologne, I saw something written on the bottle that amazed me, "FREESIA" so that made me really curious. I checked the internet about it. It's a flower. When we had a school retreat at a resort, I saw a painting on our room, it's a FREESIA flower. Very nice! I also like my girl best friend's nickname. My nickname for her which is Lane. I decided to change the spelling. So my little girl will be named Freesia Leigne. Please make it original for me. No copying. hahaha! In our language, freesia means he/she is free.

2.) I was budgeting my money weeks ago. I couldn't even buy myself some shampoo and conditioner. I had to endure using my sister's eventhough I didn't want the scent. Months ago, I sent a text to a shampoo company coz they had a free promo. They would send some samples of their new shampoo. So I joined. I thought they were gonna send some sachets right away. Just 2 weeks ago I was thinking about it since I had no more budget to buy shampoo and conditioner. After a few days, the mail man delivered my free samples. Big bottles so that made me really happy. GOD truly has HIS own perfect timing!

3.) Last Sunday, I went to another town to visit my friend and her fiance. When it was time for me to go, I was about to cross the street to the bus terminal but then I saw a van terminal to San Fernando. When it left the town, I remembered that the buses' last trip is 5pm so that would mean no buses at Dau where I'm headed to go next. So I'm kind of doomed at the time. hehehe! In an unfamiliar place, I had to unload the van as the driver said so. That was his stop. So I just decided to walk straight. Thinking I'll just ask a security guard somewhere. When I told GOD that I made a mistake, right when I opened my eyes, there was a jeepney/van terminal right in front of my eyes and the big signboard says, "DAU BUS TERMINAL" so I was so relieved. GOD takes care of HIS princesses!!!

One of my favorite songs...You can just click the link...Thank you!

Kari Jobe - Healer