Monday, January 12, 2009

Today's Testimony

My mom was telling me a story before about a girl at school. How she and her mom is suffering because of the past. My mom told me to disciple her. I told myself then that I can't go up to someone and just say, "Oh I'd want to disciple you." hehehe! That would be so weird, right? So I just prayed to GOD about her silently.

And who would know the term disciple outside the world? Would you say it is GOD's miracle if I tell you that this girl suddenly went to our cell meeting earlier? Yes she did. I was truly amazed and nervous. I get really nervous when I'm excited. hehehe! My hands were so cold then. The amazing story of my cell group members, Jerevy, told me that some of her classmates will attend the meeting. She even had a special introduction. She said something like, "Ate, I'd like you to meet someone special..." then she pulled the girl in the door of my so-called office. My heart was leaping with joy. Really.

After the cell meeting, I walked them to their destination headed for home then she told me, "Ate, thank you for sharing. The things you shared healed me." I was so glad. I told her that she's welcome and that it's the LORD not me. The youth ministry can be tough but it is really rewarding to see youths grow in CHRIST.

Okay...ATE means older sister or a girl/woman who is older than you. That's what we use as a sign of respect. Filipino culture. hehehe!

I'm blessed because I've lost friends but along the way, GOD blesses me with amazing ones. It's sad to know that others misunderstand me because of my shyness. I am not really very talkative if I'm not sharing the Word so that explains it. But I can really talk when you ask me to. hehehe! Earlier, one of my friends told me about a girl who thinks that I am not worthy to speak for GOD. I was hurt but didn't act on my pain. The more the persecution, the better because the more will be added to my faith and character. Just like JESUS in HIS time here on earth, others love HIM and others hate HIM. But JESUS CHRIST overcame the world already for everyone. I know that GOD's victory will be upon everyone's lives. And just like what JESUS said on the Cross, "FATHER, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing."

I have had people slander/gossip me but nevertheless, GOD brings them back to me to ask forgiveness so now, I am giving this friend to GOD's hands. HE knows what to do better than I do. I just ask you to please pray for her. It made me think of the wonderful friends I have. I just want to tell each one of you...

"My dear friend, I thank the LORD for giving me beautiful people like you to encourage me to run this race. With all humility, I am not perfect but GOD is faithful because HE gave me a friend like you. Thank GOD for your life."

REMEMBER: In this life, we cannot please everybody. Someone will always be against us but who can be against us if GOD is with us? We are not people-pleasers. We are created to please GOD. As long as you know that your heart is with GOD, do not worry about what other people will say. Instead, be nice to them at all times because by doing that, you are glorifying our FATHER in Heaven.

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


Contest Chris said...

Great Post! In fact, it's the Featured Post at Worth a Thousand Words.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Excellant Hon! Yes, you are so right. We can not let what others say knock us down. All that matters is our heart is with God. He will tell us if we are where we're not suppose to be. I'll pray for your friend. Sometimes the enemy grabs ahold of us without us even realizing. This is why it is important to pray for discernment. Great post. Love ya! Gods Blessings on you always!

~hon~ said...

Chris ~> Oh wow...I am so humbled. Thank you, my friend!

Tammy ~> So true. Thank you for always taking the time to read my posts. I really appreciate it. GOD BLESS YOU and I love you, too, with the beautiful love of our LORD.