Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Okay, LORD, You've got me!

WARNING: This might be long for you but you will reach the treasure at the end of this post. hahaha!

I was too tired when I came home this afternoon. Just accepted the comments in my blog, had a small chat with my Cody then head to bed to nap. 'Twas quite a long nap.

So when I woke up, I really didn't care to blog which is something I do not want to pass by. I really need a Word. Deep within me, something was battling. I told myself I won't lose a thing if I don't blog today since it's just one night. I still have plenty of posts saved for you to read. But then I can discern that the Holy Spirit doesn't want that. The still small voice is whispering to me that I need to post a Word.

So I signed out of my blog. I headed to my tracker website to see the list of people who visited me today. Well, it matters to me. hehehe! I'm just amazed on the number of people who view my blog everyday. It is growing, I must say. And I know somewhere out there GOD is reaching out to people around the world through my blog. I can only hope since that is the only reason why I've put up this blog. For GOD's greater glory everyday. One good thing I've realized just now. I desired and still desires to be a missionary but I've read a quote saying that you can't be a missionary/Christian to anywhere in the world if you can't be in the place where GOD has placed you right now. So I am doing missionary here in my place and also around the world through my blog. Isn't that neat to know, my Blogger friends? hehehe! If you think that you're not doing enough, think of your blog. Think of our beautiful GOD who is very glad each time you post something for HIS glory alone.

In my site tracker website, I saw some faithful friends who, if not daily, most of the time view my blog. Then I saw someone from Singapore (don't worry I don't know your names and your exact location hahaha) who subscribed to my blog. I am deeply moved, my dear friend. Whoever you are. So I decided to do a small post. Then while I was doing my tracker, I was reading my email devotionals, as well. Now, I am so moved by how GOD speaks to me through these devotionals again as HIS revelations for me. It is beautiful.

Here are some parts of the email devotional...

by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Do Something of Value Tonight (Part One)

Ephesians 5:15,16
Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time.

Driving home one night after work, I switched on the radio to catch the news. In a moment of uncharacteristic sincerity, the announcer made a statement that sliced through my fog of fatigue: "I hope you did something of value today. You wasted a whole day if you didn't."

His statement struck me abruptly. Fortunately, I felt pretty good about how I had invested my time that day, solving some of the problems of a swiftly growing organization. But in 10 minutes I would be home where one lovely lady and six pairs of little eyes would need my attention.

Would I do something of value with them tonight?

It's just one night, I thought, and besides, I'm exhausted. Then I pondered how one night followed by another, 365 times, adds up to a year. The nights and years seemed to be passing with increasing velocity.

One more minute and I'd be home.

Just one night, Lord. It's just one night. But then the same angel who wrestled Jacob to the ground pinned me with a half nelson as I drove into the garage.

Okay, Lord, You've got me.

Well, those are just parts of one of my favorite email devotionals. It definitely moved me to the deepest part of my well-being.

I was busy today. I did almost all the work in selling food (my uncle helps me everyday). Such a good ministry for me as I am able to talk with kids. It's even nice to hear that they call me by my nickname. Then I worked as a registrar. I went to my half brother (7 years old) who is at the hospital right now then my parents and I prayed over him. I went out with a friend and ministered to her somewhat since I gave her a book entitled "What to do until love finds you" and this book is so good that it changed my outlook about waiting for the right person. Well, that was before since I have Cody now. Then we also had a nice chat with my other friend who sent me a text message the other day saying she misses me (I minister to her). I was too busy that I fail to go to her office everyday which I used to do. Then I went home.

I'd do this all over again if I must. It's such a wonderful feeling to have spent the day valuing people. But then of course, the LORD is telling me to do more. I was telling myself before I even read my devotional, "LORD, it's just one night." Just like Dennis Rainey, "Okay, LORD, You've got me!"

It is so good that GOD got me. Always.

So now going to the treasure of this post. hahaha! I want to send out my SPECIAL THANK YOU to all my faithful Blogger friends, the subscribers of my blog who wish to be anonymous (that's fine), my friends from the past and my present, to my readers who do not approve of my writings as well (as what GOD told me in one of my email devotionals today, "We can thank God during our difficult circumstances because we know love is hidden in the pain." © Gary and Norma Smalley) and to my Cody who never ceases to be patient and faithful with me. You are all appreciated by me. You make my life worthwhile. GOD blessed me with special people like you. Thank you so much with all the love from the heart of our KING to yours.

Oh and my "busy"-ness is kind of hindering me right now to comment on your blogs so please bear with me. I'd definitely catch up as soon as possible. I LOVE all the blogs I'm following. Yes I choose which blogs to follow. hehehe! I need to read blogs that could edify my spirit for GOD alone. And I also need to catch up in responding to the comments heartily given to my posts. They are all very much appreciated and loved by me. Thank you, my dear friends.

To subscribe to my email devotionals, please just click this ~>Christianity (Moments Together for Couples by Dennis and Barbara Rainey) and Crosswalk (LOVING ACTIONS by Gary and Norma Smalley)

So my question is...Have you done anything of value today?


Apart from GOD, I am nothing.



Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.

When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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Omah's Helping Hands said...

I feel soooo blessed tonight. I'm glad I finally have the time to do some catching up.
This was a great devotional! So much impact. I love how God has us! I love the fact that we are able to hear Him.
You said it well when you stated "Apart from God, I am nothing." Amen sister! Life without Him just is not the same.
Oh, and completely understand being busy. Not to worry. You are still loved. Above all, He understands, and loves what you are doing.
Blessings dear sweet friend.