Wednesday, January 21, 2009


GOD is preparing me for a BIG thing this year. I believe so.

There are so many revelations coming. They are actually flooding up but for now, I will not share about it yet. hahaha! VERY SOON though.

One of the things that GOD took care of is the girl who slandered me. I feel better now. GOD's special favor. Truly, if you put GOD first, HE will take care of things for you. Then, after I took my friend out the other day for lunch, earlier one of my youths took me out for dinner. GOD always does quick favors. Then, I was so blessed that she told me how she can't see anything negative about me. I told her that I only want to glorify GOD in my life and please HIM alone so I really really try to be the person GOD desires me to be. I've been trying to schedule an appointment with our youth pastor but it is only earlier that he visited me to have a serious conversation. Long before he appointed me to be a church leader, he asked me if I could commit as a leader. I was still thinking because my heart is with our home church. The leadership offer is at our outreach church. I chose to resign even if I haven't really committed yet. I wish to have formal exits. I didn't commit as a leader because I still desire to grow more in GOD. Being willing and available is not enough. Attitude and lifestyle is very important so I want to humble myself and pull myself down to where no one can see me but to serve behind the curtains. He has too many problems in the ministry so I told him that I will still help them and still continue my campus ministry. I can't leave the hungry girls at school. The hunger they have for GOD is so amazing. I couldn't leave that. I am so burdened to let them undergo Encounter Weekends, Retreats, G12 conferences and more. Feed the fire while it is still burning. I want to see them grow before the BIG thing happens. hehehe! I believe that GOD could transform the lives of these girls completely. I am very privileged to serve GOD in this aspect. I have learned that you don't have to be a leader to serve GOD's ministry. But of course, we still need leaders. A leader's desire is to be a servant of GOD. As what I have learned, "If you can't be a disciple, how can you be a discipler of men?"

1 Timothy 3

Last 2007, my goal was to go to Africa, China and other more countries. It changed. GOD made me see things in another perspective. I've made myself believe that I was called to be a missionary. I still believe I am.

Cody helped me see that a missionary is not just someone who goes to Africa or China to help others. A missionary is a person who has a specific mission in life. Just what a quote I've read says, "When you can't be a Christian where you are now, you can't be a Christian anywhere."

More has been revealed.

Last Sunday, Reverend Paul Wrenn shared about a sign he saw in a church above the door, "You are now entering the mission field."

Everywhere is a mission field. You can do a specific mission to anyone you meet.

GOD's Mission does not just stay in the United States, Africa, China or Philippines. It is anywhere you go. Every person your eyes can see.

I remember a friend once told me that she wants to go to the US to be a missionary. Our mission should stay in our hearts and minds. It is not about the place.

Cody and I have been talking about doing missions in another country. He asked me if I was going to go to other countries for a long period of time after wedding. I told him that I can be a missionary wherever GOD places me. I can be a missionary with my family, friends, co-workers and everyone else. We are all missionaries of CHRIST, my dear friends. Then Cody told me we'll plan on traveling once we're settled in and everything is stable.

My sister once told me, "Why go to another country if there are so many more others who need GOD in our own country?" That just took me right there. So now, everywhere I go, I try to be a missionary of GOD.

I've read in TBOO's blog, "You don't have to go anywhere to minister, if you minister everywhere you go." ~Matt Pitt

I always make it a point to leave a cell group anywhere I go. Elisha asked me earlier if I could be the one who would accompany her to the National Schools Press Conference in Naga. Oh dear...I can be a missionary everywhere I go and wish to leave a cell group there with Elisha. I already told my mom about it. She said she'll think about it. hahaha! Oh well...whatever GOD's Will is for us.


Thank you, my dear friend. Friends are given by GOD to encourage and correct us. Open your minds. Thank a friend today. A friend is GOD's gift. My Blogger friends, thank you so much for your encouraging comments in my blog. They help me spiritually. It is very helpful. I do not get sad when I don't get comments but I believe that encouragements from you guys are GOD's way of saying that HE is very pleased. My sincerest thank you.

I thank GOD so much for my family and my Cody for being instruments of GOD's love and grace. They are GOD's missionaries in my life.

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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Omah's Helping Hands said...

You are such a beautiful, faithful woman of the Lord. I just love reading your posts. You always have some type of fulfilling message every time. I pray that He will continue to pour blessings upon you to continue to minister to us all.
You're right, we can be missionaries no matter where we are. There are people to minister at all times everywhere in the world. What you are doing with those youth is wonderful. Keep pressing on dear friend. You are glorifying Gods name with everyone you touch.
P.U.S.H. Make a ripple and watch it grow! God Bless You!!!