Friday, January 23, 2009

Are You a Fake? by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

I found this funny but insightful and true.

by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Are You a Fake?

Luke 6:46
And why do you call Me, "Lord, Lord," and do not do what I say?

Some people are excellent "fakes." Publicly, they may do an abundance of "Christian deeds" and use the right Christian clichTs. But privately, their lives are charades. They aren't listening to God. Their lives are mockeries.

A young man who had just graduated from law school set up an office, proudly displaying his shingle out front. On his first day at work, as he sat at his desk with his door open, he was wondering how he would get his first client. Then he heard footsteps coming down the long corridor toward his office.

Not wanting this potential client to think that he would be the first, the young lawyer quickly picked up the telephone and began to talk loudly to a make-believe caller. "Oh, yes sir!" he exclaimed into the phone. "I'm very experienced in corporate law....Courtroom experience? Why, yes, I've had several cases."

The sounds of footsteps drew closer to his open door.

"I have broad experience in almost every category of legal work," he continued, loud enough for his impending visitor to hear.

Finally, with the steps right at his door, he replied, "Expensive? Oh, no sir, I'm very reasonable. I'm told my rates are among the lowest in town."

The young lawyer then excused himself from his "conversation" and covered the phone in order to respond to the prospective client who was now standing in the doorway. With his most confident voice, he said, "Yes, sir, may I help you?"

"Well, yes you can," the man said with a smirk. "I'm the telephone repairman, and I've come to hook up your phone!"

We sometimes fake the Christian life in the same way. We say we honor God, but we don't obey Him day to day. Preoccupied with self and wanting our own ways, we ignore God and pretend to be spiritual. Instead of having Christ's character imprinted on our lives, we go our own ways, and our Christianity becomes a forgery.

That the Holy Spirit will reveal how you can walk with God moment by moment, in an authentic manner.

Discuss: If someone accused you of being a "fake Christian," what evidence could you present to prove otherwise?

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Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed today's email devotional. It is such a good reminder to everyone to keep their pride out of the way and to be real, not just for show. GOD can see our motives anyway and HE will judge as in time. Stay right on track.

OH and this is my 333rd post so I'm celebrating it with fullness of joy! When I was little, I used to hear others say that 333 is a perfect number. Now I know why. hehehe! Jeremiah 33:3 and that's why I use godsmiraclegirl333 as my user name. That is the story behind my numbers. How about you? Do you have any interesting story to tell?


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Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen!This is so true. Awesome Post! It's amazing how many are false out there. It's heart breaking, but will not let it win.
Thanks for the great reminder and eye opener.
Love you,