Sunday, January 11, 2009

Awesome GOD!

I don't know where to post this but might as well post it in both blogs. But since I want to glorify GOD, I'll post it here, too.

GOD truly answers prayers. Even prayers you do not offer to HIM. Your heart's desires.

HE knows what you need before you say it. HE knows the answer to your question before you ask it.

Isaiah 65:24
Before they call I will answer;
while they are still speaking I will hear.

Last night, I asked but there was only one specific prayer which is silent. I asked what I should do about a problem I've had yesterday. I kept on telling myself that I should be strong and stern this time. When GOD begins to speak, truly, I couldn't ignore and not obey.

First, I received 2 text messages from the same person who is my friend for 10 years now, Julie Ann...

"Never think that GOD's delays are GOD's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius." ~This was what GOD revealed to my heart because of a certain thing I've been waiting to happen this year.

"GOD has HIS own way of making you smile especially at times when you wanna give up and lose hope. Certain surprises come your way that make you rise and keep on going." ~This is a revelation to a complication Cody and I was having this week. It is in a romantic kind of love that you experience the extremes of everything because you are dealing with your helper that GOD has given you and a tangible partner that GOD reserved for you. BUT there are no perfect relationships even for Christians. I must admit that Cody is my first earthly love. I feel the extremes with HIM. And I must also admit that because of some differences, sometimes I'd want to give up (which both of us sternly believe should never happen). GOD uses these kinds of relationships to make you stronger emotionally and spiritually. And it is in relationships like these that you learn more in life. Amazingly, GOD wants this relationship. With my ever silent prayers, HE answered them with surprises.

So after I received this text message, I asked GOD what surprises.

Here are my surprises...

I overheard my mom reading this with my dad. The published "Our Daily Bread" for 2009 here has this as its January 10, 2009 article. I will only share what struck me from this article:

Are any of your relationships broken or estranged because of something you said or did? Take the initiative. Go now and do all you can to be reconciled. — Marvin Williams

At the heart of all conflict is a selfish heart.

Then I decided to read my new book. Now, I must say the chapters I've read are the exact answers I needed for my relationship with Cody. Here is one of the lines that helped me with my pondering for days now...

"The miracle that brought you and your soul mate together is the best place I know to start. Once a year, why not give it a night all its own. To look back in wonder." ~Nancy Shulins

~This was a follow-up to what our pastor preached last Thursday saying that when you and your partner are having problems/trials, you must always try to remember together the beautiful memories in your relationship and the first time you met.

It also tackled about differences and about understanding. I was just really amazed that GOD will use that book. So helpful. I do not really confide to other people because I want GOD to be my first bestfriend and Cody my second bestfriend. But of course, I have accountability partners, too, who are some of my trusted friends and my family. Cody and I are good to go again. GOD is our center. Both of us know that we have grown in our character because with all humility, we accepted the fact that GOD gave us each other to grow emotionally and spiritually. A year of long-distance relationship (7,921 miles) being patient and faithful can attest to that. Communication and forgiveness is very important. Accepting the rebukes and confronting with so much love. Sometimes, not even a faithful friend can rebuke the deepest part of you. GOD uses the most tangible and closest partner you'll have. That is why some call them soulmate and better/other half. Not that you are incomplete but because you are so complete with GOD that HE gives you a bonus. A beautiful incomparable gift from our FATHER.

I was also blessed with Worship Service earlier that it overwhelmed my heart for GOD, Cody and others. I will share the sermon later. I went home alone but filled with so much love and hope for a brighter future. I can feel the spiritual breakthrough and I desire more. I am so blessed that I can feel the spiritual and financial breakthrough even personally right here, right now. I believe that the Holy Spirit is not only in a church building, church meetings, revivals, concerts and such. It is also in you when you are alone grieving for a lost loved one, praying for a soul mate, angry at a friend, abused by your parent, full of problems or just happily in love with someone. I have been won by GOD here in my room and HE continuously transforms me into the woman HE wants me to be here in my room, as well. BUT, of course, GOD wants us to have fellowship with others which I highly suggest. hehehe! GOD uses other people to as HIS instruments to encourage and love you. HE just needs a willing heart because HE doesn't force us to love and obey HIM. HE loves and respects us that much.

OH oh oh...I must add an article from one of my favorite couples. Certainly, A Cody-Honesty situation but I guess I don't burst that much. I mostly stay silent. And I mean silent. hehehe!

My Wonderful Day (Part Two) by Barbara Rainey

Colossians 3:12,13
Put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility...bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone.

That did it. "Priorities! How do you prioritize a busted washer and a sick child? How am I supposed to prioritize workmen who keep the house in a state of total disaster all day before I'm leaving? Here I try to get everything right so we don't have to come home to chaos, and you talk about setting priorities!"

Dennis was stunned. His dependable, loving, normally unflappable wife had flipped! The rest of the trip was spent in near silence.

At that point we had a choice: We could resolve our conflict and save the trip, or we could let our anger simmer.

So after we had arrived and unpacked, I told Dennis I was sorry for getting angry. And he hugged me and said, "Honey, I'm sorry I said what I said. I wasn't being very sensitive. You do a great job of keeping everything straight and getting us ready. I hate it when we're at odds with each other."

These are just some parts of the article. Cody always give choices like this but differently worded, of course: We could resolve our conflict or we could let our anger simmer.

I thank GOD for letting me grow in character through the people HE is using in my life right now. I thank Cody for the heart he has for GOD.




Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.

When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

Image © Cody Lee Howe

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Omah's Helping Hands said...

God's love is awesome! In Him we can make it through. It's wonderful that you have such a love for Him and put Him first. This is what it takes. I'm so glad you and Cody are able to see that. Never give up hope. Even in times of darkeness, never let go of hope.
May God continue to pour His blessings over you and Cody. May His love continue to shine on you both.
God Bless you Always and Always P.U.S.H.
I'm here if you ever need someone to talk to. I hope you know that.
Much love and respect for you dear sister in Christ,