Friday, January 16, 2009

Overtimed but Overwhelmed

I guess no one would care if I share about what happened to me today but I guess everyone cares what the LORD has done for me today.

I just came home from work. Yes I overtimed. It's already 9:50pm here. Good thing that our house is just 5 minutes away from the workplace. Tomorrow is card day. Card day is when all parents get the cards with their children's grades on it. I was assigned to make the certificates for all the achievers from Nursery to Fourth Year High School. Since my computer has virus in it (no internet too), it was difficult but then I was tested.

Before the story continues, I want to tell you that today was beautiful. After classes at 4pm, 9 youths (3 new additional youths but 2 of them were absent) and I had a short cell meeting. It was different today though. I didn't preach. hehehe! I asked them what they think is the purpose of our cell meetings. I pointed out that all of us in that place are imperfect that's why we are there - to encourage each other and grow together in CHRIST. But I also recognized each one's beautiful differences they've made in my life. All of them were so funny. We all laughed all throughout the session. Some were even surprised and happy to hear what I have to say. One of them secretly recorded everything in her phone. I love these girls so much! Today, I believe that barriers have been trampled upon. Friendships went to deeper levels. After the session, I took them out to get some good eats. Bonding time! I wanted to let them feel that cell meetings are not boring, but also fun. Not just about GOD's Word (mostly though), but also about sharing secrets to trustworthy friends. We call our cell meeting "CM" for short and still it was called "CM" meaning crush meeting because all of them were talking about their crushes. hahaha! I'm glad they all understand that having crushes are ok but not to the point that they'll have boyfriends. I'm super glad that these girls are not into having boyfriends right now. I just hope that the 2 absentees were there. They're my good friends, as well. I praise GOD for these souls! The 3 newbies are my answered prayers whom GOD was the One who brought them to me - to us.

After our cell meeting, I still had to do the certificates. I was able to start at 6pm because we had to take care of the ink. Oh yeah that was a trial, too. I have to praise GOD again because this time, HIS patience was truly upon me. Every 10-15 minutes, the computer shuts down and most of the time it was very slow in operating. GOD again gave me HIS patience. I prayed for the computer and the school before I started. Well, I must tell you that every teacher in that school is scared of the dark. hahaha! Some of them have seen ghosts there. As they say. Well, I haven't ever in my life seen a ghost. I volumed up my cellphone's music because I was playing the songs I've downloaded in there. I want to share one of them that I LOVE.

Hillsong - Faith

But then I was about to finish my work, my cellphone's battery was emptied. I did not want to stop worshipping because I know the heavens will shake through worship and GOD will send HIS angels to protect me from the works of the enemy and HE will help me finish every bit of it. One of my favorite songs and singers...

Brian Doerksen - Refiner's Fire

After singing that for so many times, I then sang this. Now, at this time, I was really tired and the computer was really NOT cooperating so I wanted to shake the enemy's plot in there. I did not want to lose hope. I wanted to finish my assigned work with excellence. You can imagine me singing the chorus over and over loudly. I wanted to tell the devil that my GOD is BIG. And HE is GOD alone!!!

You are GOD Alone - Phillips, Craig and Dean

Now I was really tired while I was singing my last song but GOD is my strength. More strength was being added upon me as I was worshipping HIM. The computer was really tired, too. I can tell as it was slowing down. Amazingly, as I was singing every bit of this song's chorus, everything changed. It was a declaration of GOD's authority. Oh my Holy GOD is oh-so-powerful! I was so amazed as the computer strived to cooperate with me up to the last certificate. Will you be more amazed if I tell you that the paper was even exact without me counting anything at all? Now that is GOD!!!

Rich Mullins - Sometimes by Step/Step by Step

I am so overwhelmed with the new level of spiritual breakthrough GOD has given me today. It was more than my heart can sustain but I want to overflow. Overflow spiritually. I want GOD to use me mightily for winning souls so I desire spiritual breakthrough and expect GOD to never stop. IF you ask, HE will give it to you. Our GOD is not selfish. After everything I've been through, GOD has been faithful and true. HE cannot be unfaithful because faithfulness is HIS nature. If you ever doubt yourself, never doubt what GOD can do. But all you have to do is obey. I went home so overwhelmed with joy and guess what? I LOVE my job!!! When my mom gave it to me, I was too burdened because it is not what I love doing as what, of course, I told myself. Most of the time, GOD puts us in hot water to let us grow in character. Our secular work is our ministry so whatever job you have, you love it or not, if you love GOD, HE will make you love that job and enjoy it. Just trust HIM in everything. Truly, HE has been faithful with my salary. Your blessings are worth sharing with others. The question is not about whether they are worthy or not, the question is did GOD ever stop blessing you?

Oh jeez...I overtimed but I was and still am OVERWHELMED WITH JOY!!!


I will leave you with this quote:

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." ~Maya Angelou

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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Omah's Helping Hands said...

So happy to hear of your experience! Glad to hear everything is going so well for you now.
May the Lord Bless you abudantly!