Monday, February 23, 2009

Revelations through Text Messages

"Every kindness done to others is a kindness done to GOD. People with a heart for GOD have a heart for people. GOD bless you for your kind loving heart." ~Ate Cheryl

"Whenever you share the goodness in your heart, you always end up a winner. Because life is an echo. It gives back what you have given!" ~Elvie

"Each day we may face situations beyond our reserves, beyond our capacities, beyond our strength, but never beyond GOD's enduring love and sustaining grace." ~Nonie

"Nothing compares in this world than the love GOD has given us. Coz we may find reasons why we love. But GOD loves us even without reasons!" ~Ate Lenlen

"Life continues whatever happens! All we need is to be positive and be brave with all the challenges we encounter. Faith in GOD is still the best armor." ~Miss Christine

In the eyes of GOD, no sin is bigger than the other that's why it is written, "all has sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD (Romans 3:23)." You are not spiritually cleaner than anyone. I am not more righteous than anyone. I am what GOD made me to be. Without HIM, I am nothing. I will trust in HIM for who HE is. JESUS CHRIST CAME TO SAVE THE WORLD - not only you. GOD created everyone. GOD loves everyone. No favoritism. GOD does not love Christians more than non-Christians. GOD does not compare. HE loves fairly. Real love is loving the unlovable. Christians are chosen to love and pray for the spiritual needy. JESUS CHRIST came to heal the sick, as it is written (Matthew 9:12). One of the purposes why you were gifted with faith is because GOD gave you the heart to love and pray for the people who needs them the most. GOD gave you knees for kneeling as a sign of total submission and humility to HIS Reverence. We say others are evil. What is the initial reaction? We turn away from them instead of praying for them and believing that our GOD can change them. Our GOD is their GOD, too. If you believe that, then don't be selfish. Share your GOD to others. Do not let your Light go out. Share it. You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. GOD said that because of HIS purpose for you.

Do not ever forget these verses:

Matthew 5:1-15

The heart should not hold any exemptions from everyone. Love everyone. Do not be picky. You must be afraid, what if GOD has a certain requirement for those HE will choose to love? Good thing HE did not look at your sins when HE saved and loved you. OUR GOD IS GOOD! BE A REFLECTION OF HIS GOOD LOVE AND GRACE!

Wanna hear a testimony of GOD's love and grace? There was once a student of black magic in India. He traveled the sky spiritually one night. A little boy was praying down below while at a worship service then he began to pray, "LORD, bind the powers of darkness in the air right now." The spirit in the sky was suddenly surrounded and spiritually tied by angels of the LORD. Good thing the boy didn't command the angels to kill him. He stayed there for days. After he was let loose, he accepted CHRIST as his personal Savior. He has a book. I forgot to ask what the book title is and his name. hehehe! Goosebumps? hahaha! Good! Now you're all pumped up for the GOSPEL! ~This is one of the stories shared by one of the speakers at the Inner Healing and Deliverance Conference I attended summer last year if I'm not mistaken. Kind of in my own words since I can't remember clearly every word.

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

I love it when you share your text messages. They are always so good, along with what you add. Great messages today!

Chris said...

We're all God's children! Great Post!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Hon, it is so nice to be here again. I used to write down all the inspirational and cute text messages that I received when I was still there in PI. I wished I brought them with me.

Leslie said...

Hon!! I haven't read your blog in too long! Some time today, I'm going to sit down, and catch up! I love you sis!! God bless!


-Leslie K.