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GO GO GOD!!! (Testimonies)

This is a complete UPDATE!


Go go go is my new expression while "OYEH" is derived from one of the kids who joined in Editorial Writing and won second place.

Anyway, I will start from the first day we were in Naga...

February 15

1.) We arrived in Naga around 11am. After registration for the NSPC, we headed to the hotel. We waited for 3 hours. Elisha and I ate our lunch (3 pm lunch) at Tokyo Tokyo (Japanese restaurant). I whispered to her that there was a few rice on my plate. Yes both of us were very hungry. hehehe! They gave my order first so I was able to comment on the rice. hehehe! After a long while, they gave Elisha's order then the lady said, "You can ask as much rice as you desire. We serve unlimited rice today." Let me say that again - UNLIMITED. When GOD gives, it is UNLIMITED. Since we were very hungry, Elisha and I decided to get one more rice and just divide it in half. When she asked for one more, they gave us two halves. It was amazing. When GOD gives, HE gives specifically detailed.

2.) The only pocket/extra money given to us by our school is 1000 pesos. I brought my entire salary for buying "pasalubong." Pasalubong is a Filipino term for things/food bought from a certain place for people back at home. Elisha and I were surprised when they informed us that the fare was changed from 3000 to 3500 so I had to give the extra money we had. After a while, the regional director gave us 1000 pesos from APSOA then she said there'll be an additional 1000 pesos financial assistance from the government. Ain't that neat? GOD is amazing! A GOD OF DOUBLE PORTIONS! Additional testimony - when one of the teachers distributed the financial assistance to each adviser, he gave me 1300 pesos. So there was an additional 300 pesos. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

3.) A song I've just heard earlier that day that deeply moved me.

4.) I went out of the hotel room earlier this day to acquire network signal in the upper lobby. One of my numbers couldn't acquire signal in our room. I didn't have the key to the door so I asked Elisha if she would sleep. She said no so that was my signal to go out. After a while, she followed me to the lobby, locked the door without the key. By the way, we have 2 roommates there whom we just met there but they're also from our province. Of course, we don't want to be knocking all the time and disturb them from their rest/sleep. So Elisha and I were locked out. hehehe! Suddenly, after a couple of minutes, then came the son of one of our roommates to give the other roommate (a teacher) some pocketbooks he brought. So that's amazing. The guy was truly an answered prayer coz we didn't want to knock twice to disturb the roommates.

5.) Complete revelation for this day's questions:

1 Timothy 4

February 17

The Contest Day. All we could do is pray and worship this day. Elisha and I sent out texts to everyone in our phonebook to pray for her. I woke up praying for the longest time then played the worship songs in my phone. I was nervous, as well. hehehe! A couple of minutes before the contest proper, Elisha and I searched for an isolated spot where we prayed. Oh dear how we were both nervous! I asked for prayers again while she was in the contest room. It was more of the spiritual warfare. Everything can happen while she's writing her piece. There could be injustice or just anything that could ruin everything so I never stopped praying and so did everyone else. I believe so. We needed prayers. Thank you for everyone who prayed for her. She deeply appreciates them. After the contest, she was worried of her writing. She kept asking me some things. In order to forget the worries and just surrendered them to GOD, we did our shopping. hehehe! While we were shopping, I found out that our loyal and loving dog for more than 4 years now named Blessing died. It really broke my heart. Our family is attached to this dog because she always walks with us to the tricycle which is about a 5-minute walk then goes back home after we leave. She is very affectionate. I cried over her. GOD has a purpose! Blessing gave birth to 3 puppies before she died. One female and two males. Now, we're changing the name of the female from Michelle to Blessing. We have a second Blessing.

Our dear Blessing

The new Blessing

February 18

1.) We went to Camarines Sur Watersports Complex. We just stayed the whole afternoon in the hotel. While Elisha was sleeping, I was watching tv. I was watching to a sermon of Joyce Meyer. It was a revelation. It was about Prayer and Words - being connected together. A beautiful insight.

2.) Elisha and I had it all planned out. We decided to stay in the hotel the whole afternoon. We planned to eat dinner then hang out at Mocha Blends. Funny coz we forgot to bring our bottled water with us so we weren't able to drink water for dinner. We walked to Mocha Blends. We were thinking it was self-service like other cafe's. But the guy motioned us to sit then gave us the menu. After we sat, the waiter placed 2 glasses with a bottle of water. We were both amazed. How I thought that it is how our DAD is being affectionate to us by saying, "Drink some water, my dear princesses." So sweet and amazing!

Our advanced celebration of GOD'S VICTORY!!! Elisha's cookies and cream coffee drink and my tiramisu cake. yum!!!

February 19

The Awarding Ceremonies. Since Elisha was worried about her work, I woke up wanting to listen to the song "All Things are Possible." So I played it on my phone. Elisha was singing with it, as well. Before we went to Naga, we were already claiming for GOD's Victory as you know. I never stopped claiming for it and asking for GOD's Will, of course. FYI, Elisha and I were the only "Born Again" Christians in the bus. All the others were Catholics. Before the ceremonies, our team went to Albay to see Mayon Volcano. A tourist attraction in that place. It's beautiful. I will make a separate post of the tourist attractions in that place. hehehe! We were already late for the Awarding Ceremonies. We were informed through text message that Elisha won FIRST PLACE! When she showed me the text message, my heart was beating so fast. She had to call her other friend who was trying to call her. It was real. She really did win FIRST PLACE! Both of us were already crying in the bus. Everyone was looking at us. I called my mom (the school principal) and I was crying when I was informing her. She was crying and screaming, as well. I could hear the entire school rejoicing with us. It was so overwhelming. It is still overwhelming until now. Overwhelmed with joy. When we arrived at the venue, Elisha and I decided to pray. We couldn't help but cry. GOD DID IT ALL! APART FROM HIM, WE ARE NOTHING! HE DESERVES ALL THE GLORY! Elisha would definitely agree with me on this one. She is a very humble girl. When everyone was congratulating her and they kept saying that she's great, she kept saying back, "GOD IS GREAT not me." I was very happy to hear that from a girl in her age. Truly, ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD ALONE! HE has a purpose why HE brought us that far. To think, that was the very first time that our school has competed for the NSPC. We have only reached the RSPC but this time, GOD WON EVERYTHING! Elisha won FIRST PLACE from DSPC, RSPC to NSPC. GOD IS SO AWESOME!!! We will never know how GOD did it but we know that GOD DID IT ALL!

February 20

I am so amazed that we made new friends who have seen JESUS CHRIST in us. ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD ALONE!!! GOD has truly humbled us so that we can only glorify HIM!!! Funny because before we went to our respective homes, I was teasing Elisha that my mom would have a streamer made for her or better yet a TARPAULIN! Then she giggled. What she loves doing - giggle. hahaha! I went to school before I went home, my uncle informed me that my mom will have a TARPAULIN made for her. With her picture on it. Amazing! GOD TRULY WANTS THE BEST FOR HIS CHILDREN!


We not only have testimonies, we also have lessons learned. I will have a separate post on this one. From ELISHA RANDEE VARGAS and me, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! GOD TRULY LISTENS!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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Omah's Helping Hands said...

That is just so awesome! Thank you for sharing all that happened. Praise God for all that He has done. What a great expereince for the two of you. God's timing, His plans, everything is so good. I'll continue to pray that everything keeps going well for you both.
Sorry to hear about Blessing, but she's in a happy place now and you have a second Blessing! It's always hard to lose a beloved pet. But with God's ways, He's made sure you have another one. God is Good!!!
Love you sweet sister. I've greatly missed you.