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HE gave me the patience to wait and not worry about my computer. HE changed my heart in patience and discernment. HE changed my heart in prayer, as well. GOD IS MY EVERY PERFECT THING! HE IS SO AMAZING! I GIVE ALL THE PRAISES, GLORY, HONOR AND POWER TO OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER!!!

A message I received today:

GRACE is simply God's power coming down to us, enabling us to do things we can never do on your own & to do them without struggling. May God Bless US. ~Ate Cathy

~~~Below is a blogpost I made last Monday.

It’s February 9, 2008 – my dad’s birthday. Still no internet. I am just writing a blogpost in my MS Word. The days without internet have given me time for my family and time to catch up with my reading. Oh yes I have new books! hehehe! To check out my new book, go see my review at my other blog. Oh yes I am advertising my other blog. hahaha! Just kidding!

Anyway, some updates in my life. I am never worried about losing my internet anymore although it can get weird with the hotline agents since I don’t want to be paying what I’m not using. GOD is good because HE gave me a friend who is my computer technician who can do services for me for free. hehehe! I am so ecstatic that my sisters came home for my dad’s birthday for the weekend. An investment that we will cherish forever. My dad is very happy, as well.

Also, I am very excited for the NSPC. Please pray for Elisha. We claim GOD’s Victory but of course, let HIS Will be done. Please pray for souls to be won there. I am also excited for the HS night since I was the one who asked for the dessert. hehehe! Yes I am a dessert person. We will have chocolate mousse. I am still thinking what to wear though. Any suggestions?

So many revelations still. I will share some of them.

May the song within you which sings for eternity, sing loudly. Heed the songs of heaven. Dismiss the songs of earth. May the FATHER quiet the voices around you which tell you to settle for less than what HE promises. ~Max Lucado

And I’d love to share this too:

by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

The Best and Worst of Times (Part Two)
Ecclesiastes 12:13
The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments.

The doctors went to work on Barbara while Christians across the country prayed. Her heart beat so quickly (200-300 beats per minute) that it was not filling with blood, and her blood pressure went down. This low pressure could harm the baby if it continued.
The doctor made a quick decision. Using electric shock, he successfully reduced her heart rate to 75 beats per minute. Afterward, through tears, we gave thanks for God's intervention in saving both Barbara and the baby.
We talked quite a bit after that terrifying event. Often we think we are in control. We think we can plan our lives. We struggle over so many insignificant things, but we find ourselves asking, "What really matters?"
In the midst of these best and worst of times, a certain book reached us like a beacon in the darkness. It's a book that rips away the veil of idealism about life. It deals with purpose and significance. It gives meaning to life's storms, to prosperity, to our search for security.
The book? Ecclesiastes.
In its pages Solomon paints the paradoxes of life better than Charles Dickens ever dreamed. Whether we're experiencing the best or worst of times, God must be our reference point (see Eccles. 12:13, above). If not, then life is emptiness-void of meaning.
As I drove away from the hospital later that afternoon, I reflected on how different people respond to crisis situations. And I wondered, What is their reference point for a life and death situation? Where do they find meaning? How do they make sense out of suffering?
That night, as I put our five children to bed, we crowded together and prayed. Benjamin, then eight, prayed as only a child can: "Father, we give thanks that Mommy got sick 'cause we know You want us to give thanks in everything...and we give thanks that she's okay, too."
He prayed with childlike faith, and a mature perspective. He understood how God wants us to respond in the best and worst of times. Sometimes it takes a child's faith in God to remind us, doesn't it?
That you would learn to fear God and that He would be your reference point in the best and worst of times.
Discuss: For what tribulations can you thank God today?

I am super blessed financially and I can hardly wait to achieve my dreams which were given by my Dream Giver and will only be achieved through HIM – my Promise Keeper. According to HIS Perfect Will.

One of my closest and loyal friends for more than 10 years now will be dedicating her daughter soon. Thank GOD that will be after my salary pay. hehehe! And no schedule conflict. Also, I am very excited because GOD has been helping me do my calling by drawing the people to me. Good thing I have a flexible work schedule. February will be a busy month – love month, as they say. For me, it’s investment time! Investment is one of my favorite words now. As what Heather Armstrong sent me…

We too often love things and use people when we should be using things and loving people. ~ Author Unknown

GOD has made me focus more on HIM without the internet. Awesome! I can use some vacation. Another vacation week will be next week. hehehe!

Before all of these happened, I had a problem with my identity as GOD’s child. Yesterday at church service, I thought to myself, “Apart from GOD, I am nothing. But because of HIM, I am a princess. A princess who is GOD’s holy ground.

So I refuse to displease HIM – my very loving, faithful and perfect FATHER!

A princess after GOD’s own heart – I can still commit unintentional mistakes but of course, I can watch every step I make to prevent those mistakes. I am not perfect but I want to focus on what JESUS did for me on the Cross – that will be my drive to holiness!

GOD can do the most impossible things and I stand on HIS Promises.

Since I was doubting my identity in CHRIST, GOD assured me that HE loves me...

My morning devotions for today (not full article)…

Not Guilty

Read Leviticus 5:14-19

We all both unintentionally and intentionally wrong GOD and others. But JESUS CHRIST bought our forgiveness on the cross. Offer HIM the sacrifice of confession, and you’ll be covered for overlooking the things you should have done and the things you ought not have. Then pour out the sacrifice of praise. Present the sacrifice of service, helping others in GOD’s name, for “love covers over a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8). Despair has no place here; our advocate perfectly kept even the hidden laws.

Copyright © 2006 by Zondervan
New Women’s Devotional Bible

I haven’t posted yet the sermons that moved me. Soon.

I am so excited with GOD’s Promise in my lovelife. What GOD wills, no man can break. I am destined to be victorious in all aspects of my life because my DAD wants the best for me. I will never think otherwise. My only desire is to put GOD as number One in my life. Everything else will follow. I am so joyful that GOD gave me a soulmate who feels and thinks the same towards our FATHER.

GOD revived me. GOD refreshed me. Thank GOD for everything!

This is quite a long post. Had to catch up. hahaha! Hope you enjoyed reading. I miss my blog and my Blogger friends and faithful readers. Thank you for your faithfulness.




Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.

When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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