Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comment Form Placement

I'd like to inform you, my dear friends, that as much as I want to comment on your posts, I couldn't. I mean I literally can't. I don't know why I couldn't post a comment with "Embedded Below Post" as the Comment Form Placement. Kindly change it for me. hehehe! I'd really love to comment on your posts.

Just go to your Settings then Comments then change the Comment Form Placement please to anything but Embedded Below Post. Thank you. Also, please inform me once you're done. hehehe!

I miss everyone. I've just been so busy that I've just been posting a lot because of GOD's revelations that I feel the need to post. I will catch up very soon. My days have been so packed with activities. Time to invest.

With GOD's love,

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Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hey, you are doing the Lord's work. You are going and doing what He leads you to do. Who could complain about that. Totally understand! Love you and all that you do. You are a beautiful woman of the Lord!