Sunday, February 22, 2009

GO GO GOD!!! (Lessons Learned)

Go go go for spiritual breakthrough!!!

Go go go for LOVE!!!



Say the word and I will sing for You
Over oceans deep, I will follow
If each star was a song
And every breath of wind, praise
It would still fail by far to say
All my heart contains
I simply live, I simply live for You

As the glory of Your presence
Now fills this place
In worship, we will meet You face to face
There is nothing in this world
To which You can be compared
Glory on glory, praise upon praise
You bind the broken hearted
And save all my tears
By Your word, You set the captives free
There is nothing in this world
That You cannot do
I simply live, I simply live for You

Words + Prayers (by Joyce Meyer)

1.) Don't murmur, grumble, find fault and complain.
-attitude is the problem
-complain means remain
-all the complaining grieves the Holy Spirit

2.) Do not quench, suppress, subdue the Holy Spirit
-When you pray for somebody, GOD convicts that person.
-GOD, I thank You that You keep working. (continuous optimistic prayer)

3.) Don't gossip, judge and criticize.
-When you stand before GOD, HE's not gonna ask about others but you should be accountable with yourself.

4.) Don't talk about problems over and over.
5.) Don't boast.
6.) Don't be negative.
7.) Bless everything.
8.) Be thankful.
9.) Encourage, edify
10.) Tell the truth
11.) Speak the Word of GOD with your mouth.

Let GOD change them.
Words contain power.

Before, one of my most said aloud verses in the Bible is "Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world." To add more to it, I have learned to use, "Show JESUS." Whenever you are tempted or getting weak, just encourage yourself and say, "Show JESUS."

It is a real test to be surrounded by non-Christians for a week. But it is one of the most rewarding things I could ever have been blessed with. Because it is then that I saw how GOD held me as HIS daughter. I saw how GOD did not let Elisha and I conform to the world but instead we wanted to be different.

In order to win souls, I have also learned to "SHOW EXCELLENCE" in everything I do. Whether I am sleeping, sitting down, eating or whatever it is I'm doing. I am such a sleeper. I was never a punctual person but GOD used Cody and the Holy Spirit to convict and correct me. I am super touched emotionally to know that Mrs. Castillo (regional director) told my mom how she enjoyed our company and how she is truly inspired by our existence in her life. So rewarding!


While we were traveling to Mayon Volcano, some of our companions in the bus were trying to take pictures of the Mayon Volcano as we can see some of it already. They were taking pictures while the bus was moving. Trees and woodposts along the way that makes it difficult to take candid shots of the beautiful volcano. A few more minutes left and we'll see the complete beauty of it. Then I wondered, why couldn't they just wait for a couple of minutes before they take pictures?

I got an insight from this about patience. When we pray for something, our patience is being tested. When we do not wait for the perfect timing of GOD, we will encounter hindrances that will not make us happy. We begin to blame other things. Most of the time we blame GOD. While if we wait for GOD's Perfect Timing, HE will give us the beauty of HIS Reward.

When we arrive at the Mayon Volcano, it was a stunning beauty. I was in awe of GOD's creation. I took a lot of pictures. Not only of the volcano but also the surroundings. I didn't even take a picture of myself. hahaha! Elisha kept on insisting though. hehehe! When we wait, we get the best of GOD. If not the best, the EXCELLENCE OF GOD!!!

Worship - Devotions - Prayers

I was truly brought to the next level by the HOLY SPIRIT. I can only glorify GOD for HIS faithfulness. GOD's faithfulness does not depend on our faithfulness. Just be faithful in your worship, devotions and prayers and HE will take you higher.

When Elisha won, we waited for the closing ceremony. Both of us were so surprised to hear this song for the doxology.


Elisha and I thank GOD so much for the humility HE has bestowed upon us. HE DESERVES ALL THE GLORY!!!


Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.


When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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