Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For my GOD

Oh GOD, how faithful You are
I was cursed because of a generational curse
that runs through the family
Your everlasting and unfailing love led me
You have used me when I was little
so that my parents would see how much we
need You in our lives
You have afflicted me with terrible allergies
but through that, my parents came to know You
You have held my weak lungs in its place in
order for me to live
Thank You for instilling in me my worth since
I was a baby
You have made me an active church worker
But all church workers go through trials
I was not exempted
I got discouraged
I backslid
I thought that was the end and that You've closed the lid
You opened the heavens and Your light came in me
Darkness moved away
Your amazing grace didn't lead me astray
After living in sin, You brought me back in Your presence
You've used me then and You're using me now more mightily
I may not be as pure as others
But I know I have to go asunder
And experience such blunders
For now in Your power I am under
I will never be the same again
And You know that's a given
Coz without You, I am nothing
For You are my every good and perfect thing
You are my first and last love
A Supreme Being from up above
You are my Divine Creator
My Healer, My Deliverer
You healed me physically, emotionally and mentally
You delivered me from all the pain and the sins
You shaped me excellently
You drew my life's blueprint
You still are working in me
And I never want You to stop
Everything about You is overwhelming me
You bring life to my spirit
You are my reason for breathing
I don't want to be complacent with
my relationship with You
For I do not desire laziness
For with You, I will never grow tired or weary
Coz Your joy is my strength
More than my heart can contain
More than my mind can bear
Coz in the future, You will reward me
a glorious body worshipping only You
You are my One Desire, my Only Hope
You are my King, my Lord
You are my Freedom, my Healing
You are my Light, my Sun, my Salvation, my Shield
You are my Powerful God
who created the heavens and the earth
No one is omnipotent as You
Father, be with me
I never want to be without You
For You are what my eyes want to see
So please don't leave me in the blue
You deserve all the love I can give
For in You, I still believe
Believe in life ever after
Coz for me, You are my Endless Water
I can hardly wait to hear You say,
"Well done, good and faithful servant"
For Your Words are the Lamp onto my feet
I rely and hang onto every Word that comes out of Your mouth
For they are forever, as from north to south
And east to west
All in all, I will give You my best
For You alone are worthy of our praise and worship
You alone are worthy of such compositions
Father, I will forever give You the utmost of every
talent, skill, ability, capability and beauty You have given me
No one deserves them but the Giver
The Blesser who imparts blessings
All of Your people are created to exalt Your Name
For as long as we shall live
My love be forever Yours, My Lord Almighty, my Beautiful One!!!

Father, my words aren't enough. I want more of You and less of me. Increase that I may decrease. This is all for You. Thank You for all the best and beautiful blessings You have given me. You are more than enough.

This is a personal conviction. I have composed a lot of poems and compositions to others but I've never done it for my Lord. Now, I am doing it. I feel more than overwhelmed with joy. Before doing things for others, ask yourself if you have done it for God already. He deserves our best because He gave us the best. Jesus Christ. When we think about it, all our best came from Him, anyway. Give your best always!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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