Thursday, November 20, 2008


Regular day.

Pretty sad.


It was funny though. I was sad today because of something but that shouldn't take away the joy that GOD has instilled in my heart.

I just decided to read a book today. I've learned so much again. Thank you Charles R. Swindoll!

While I was reading the book, a girl named Trisha came up to me and handed out a black bag and said, "Ate, someone is giving this to you. Get what's inside the bag and just return the bag to the owner."

I was scared, surprised and laughing.

What do you expect? What if it's a bomb? hahaha! Of course, I'm exaggerating.

Honestly, I was hesitant at first because I wasn't sure if it was really FOR ME.

When I opened the bag (sling bag), I knew it was a frame even if it was wrapped. Then I was ecstatic since I wanted a frame so much for the pictures of Cody and I together. I showed it to my mom and she also knew it was a frame. Pretty obvious. hahaha!

So then we're all left wondering who gave it, huh? hahaha! Funny...there was a clue in the bag. hahaha! I saw a little, orange Bible and I already knew who it was from. The owner of the bag and the Bible is Justine.

After selling food, I opened the gift. There was a card. It was beautiful. You'll notice how so much effort was put into making it. Very unique.

Of course, you're anticipating for the frame, huh? hahaha! Well, I thought it was just a regular frame and as I pulled it out, it was a framed rose (cross-stitched).

Why pink? I love pink! hahaha! Well, not only that. Justine and I were trying to think of a name for our cell group. I was reading a book entitled 'Little PINK book on Girlfriends' by Cathy Bartel so I told her PINK. hahaha! But I wanted to be unique of course so that could be just one of our many names. hehehe! So anyway, I was very touched as it was unexpected and very special. I really appreciate the effort! I love the thoughtfulness! And I was even asking her to give it to me, while she was still doing it, as a gift for my wedding. hahaha! It was a school project. She said that it was a 'late' gift because she had to buy the frame first. A good-hearted girl. The gift is priceless.

I saw how Justine grew and still growing in GOD. It is very rewarding for my part. I love to see youths grow in CHRIST. It is one of my missions as GOD's servant.


Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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