Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Look Around

I love nature.

How about you?

If you are sad and weak, look around.

I want to share 2 awesome buildings in Manila that Cody and I saw while we were strolling the streets.

If these buildings can glorify GOD, what more for us, human beings, whom GOD created above these things?

And to think, that humans are even the ones who build these buildings.

I took a picture of a tree in Baguio. I'm not sure if it was a willow tree or what. I've just realized now that its leaves are bowing down (sort of my interpretation hehehe) which speaks of humility.

If trees can show humility, what more for us, human beings, who were given the heart to do so?

And to think, that humans are even the ones who plant these trees.

Oh how I love beaches! I took a pic of one of the nicest beaches I've seen personally in Subic. Its beauty is priceless.

If beaches can exude GOD's beauty, what more for us, human beings, who were created in the image of HIS glory and beauty?

And to think, that humans are even the ones who preserve these natural resources.

Cody and I love clouds. When we take pictures, we always seem to take pictures of clouds. White clouds spread across the sky are so beautiful. They speak of peace to me. I'll share 2 pictures I took when we were on our way to Subic (in the bus) and in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

If clouds can be in confidence that they are in total peace, what more for us, human beings, who are offered daily by GOD with HIS eternal peace?

And to think, that we humans are even the most important of all creation.

I loved how those clouds hovered (in a collective manner) over the mountains. Why? As I was making this post, thoughts just kept on flowing in my head. It's overwhelming as I was asking for revelations from GOD deep down inside me. This certain picture speaks of GOD's everlasting peace hovering over the mountains (problems, struggles, trials and even temptations) in our lives. GOD is a GOD of ABUNDANCE! GOD can do the most impossible things! Dare to believe. ONLY BELIEVE. HE's waiting for you to surrender your worries to HIM. Trust HIM. Act on your faith.

How do we act on our faith? I will give an example. A total surrender. A girl trusted GOD that HE will provide financially for her (she still strives in working for herself). She acted on her faith by not borrowing money from others (even if she was tempted to do so). GOD provided money at the very exact time she needed it (right on her deadline). This is based on a true story. GOD NEVER BREAKS HIS PROMISES IN HIS WORD!

We don't even have to speak to glorify GOD, our loving actions can show JESUS to everyone. We don't even have to speak to show humility, our humble acts towards others can show JESUS. We don't even have to speak and enhance our physical appearance to exude GOD's beauty, our pure hearts can show JESUS to anyone. We don't even have to speak to show GOD's peace, our smiles and joy can show JESUS to all HIS creation.

I admire how it was quoted by Jase Campbell (one of the preachers in Billings Church of Christ), "show JESUS!" We are not asked to show a picture of JESUS but because the Holy Spirit lives in us when we accepted JESUS CHRIST as our personal Savior and Lord, we are created to serve GOD and show JESUS to everyone. Ways to show JESUS? Read GOD's Word--->"HOLY BIBLE"

Here's an insightful article I'd love to share with you: SELAH

Faith, Hope and Love be upon all of you!


Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.



When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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