Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blue and Pink

Ok here is my list for the dreams, goals, visions, revelations and rules for myself and with Cody. Should be the fun side of me. hehehe! FYI, Christians are NOT boring!

Blue = done
Pink = everyday task

1. Stop being emotional in certain circumstances.
2. Apply my devotions daily.
3. Intercede for everyone.
4. Ponder on GOD's grace everyday.
5. Have a job in the food industry before 2008 ends.
6. Finish my post-encounter sessions before 2009 ends.
7. Have my 12 before I move out of the country.
8. Pray every hour for a certain dream/goal (top priority).
9. Pray every hour for Cody's visit this year to happen.
10. Be a good girlfriend everyday.
11. Alaskan cruise with my Cody.
12. Trip to Tuscany with Cody.
13. Share every thought/concern I have with Cody.
14. Have Godly children 4-5 years from now.
15. Give Cody little surprises everyday after marriage.
16. Do an orphanage feeding/giving visit at least once every year.
17. Change the tone of my voice for my mom.
18. Always be punctual.
19. Cook/make something different at least once a week.
20. Be an accountability partner (Cody and I) of a young married couple in 1-2 years from now.
21. Listen daily to Cody's worries, concerns, thoughts, views, opinions, visions and revelations sincerely.
22. Encourage someone at least once a day.
23. Watch 'Fireproof' with Cody next year.
24. Watch 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa' with Cody next year.
25. Watch more Christian movies every week.
26. Read 2-3 Christian books every 6 months.
27. Help a needy at least once a day.
28. Testify GOD's goodness and faithfulness everyday.
29. Look and hope for a revelation from GOD each day through GOD-given Wisdom and Discernment.
30. Never stop forgiving.

~~~More to add everyday.

Please help me pray that I may be able to accomplish the most important goals written above. For all the things stated above, let GOD's Perfect Will be done.

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