Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being a Balanced Woman of GOD by Charles R. Swindoll

I love reading and I admire the author of this book. He has so many insights from the wisdom given to him by GOD. I will share some of things I've learned from his book 'Building Blocks of Biblical Character.'

These excerpts are from Charles R. Swindoll's book but I won't be posting everything written in there. You'll just have to buy the book and be blessed.

...We'll begin by highlighting two unbiblical extremes women should avoid.

Two Extremes:

As we've stated, some women react to the confusion of roles by being overly aggressive, dominant, or militant. Unwilling to be led, especially by a man, they become defensive, angry, and sometimes even paranoid that men are trying to hurt them or deny their rights...

The other extreme is a blind, traditional mentality. These women choose an inordinately passive role, which they believe is biblical. Living behind a veil of fear, they lack the confidence to state their opinions or make independent decisions. To them, submission means bowing to the whims of their husbands while sacrificing their own dignity...

We can track these extremes to four poisoned springs.

First, we discover a misunderstanding and misapplication of "submission."

Second, we find a failure on the part of men to do three things: think clearly, lead fairly, and release unselfishly.

A third source of extremism is a strong action from the world to "liberate" all women.

Finally, an equally strong resistance on the part of the church to keep any independence from happening.

Balance - A Scriptural Analysis

A balanced woman sees Scripture as vital, representing GOD's authoritative Word and Will for her life.

A balanced woman sees herself as valuable, gifted, and responsible for her own growth toward maturity.

A balanced woman of GOD sees the LORD as her refuge and buffer when things refuse to work out right.

Three Practical Suggestions

First, become a serious student of Scripture.

Second, guard against the extremes.

Third, commit yourself to working through conflicts rather than running from them.

Okay there goes your sneak preview...that's all I can post...there are so many more insights in the book and I'm really recommending it to you as it depended so much in Scriptures. We all need books that depends on Scriptures not from the outside. So many stories in it. So many insights. So many hidden characters from the Bible. A very profound and insightful book. I love it! But of course, we should read the Ultimate Book of all which is the Holy Bible.


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