Sunday, October 19, 2008

The LCD Projector

Image from student computers

Our outreach church in our town conducted a youth concert. Our youth pastor assigned me to take care of the LCD projector. This afternoon, I was with Jergens and took the LCD projector that we're going to rent for the praise and worship. When we took it from Karen, her brother told me that it doesn't have the connector for the laptop. I was a bit worried but then I tried to ask the youth pastor if they have a connector. We went straight to church to test the LCD with my laptop. It wouldn't work. We've tried everything from the USB to the headphone thingy. None of them worked. I don't know but I didn't really panic. I was calm and tried to solve it by texting the secretary of our head church to borrow their connector. The concert was programmed to start at 6pm. The head church people came at around 6pm with the connector. The worship head coordinator helped us with the connector. He never stopped until voila! It worked. At the very last minute, it worked. We all felt good after seeing it work. GOD is so faithful! The first thing I've said was, 'Thank you, Lord" and that is all I have to say. I couldn't let our youth pastor down and most of all, I couldn't let GOD down. I went there to serve GOD and I couldn't just leave without doing anything for HIM. I glorify GOD alone for the patience and calmness that HE has been giving me. With everything and everyone I'm dealing with. I thank GOD for the tactful tongue and a sharp mind that HE has given and been faithfully guarding all the time. HE alone is worthy to be praised and worshipped! I am unfaithful but HE is faithful and good all the time.

Let your guard down to GOD and HE will do the rest. HE is always faithful.

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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