Wednesday, October 8, 2008

GOD's amazing favor


First, I am so ecstatic that my honey is here with me now. I am blessed as I can be that I have such a very handsome and patient boyfriend. He's too good to be true. But GOD is truly faithful. HE gives the best of what is due to you. When I spotted him at the airport while he was just about walking down from inside the airport, I knew he is the one. At the same time, I didn't have any trouble recognizing him. He is different from all the foreigners I saw at the airport. Both emotionally and physically.

Second, I've been praying for a Bible few months ago since I just use my mom's Bible. Then I lost that Bible because it was in my bag that was stolen. I've dreamt of a golden Bible given to me. My godmother sent me a picture of a pink Bible and I knew it instantly that it is mine. Though she hasn't sent it yet but I am patiently waiting. hehehe! Here is the picture...

BUT that's not where it ends...hahaha! I asked for 2 Bibles from GOD. I knew I was gonna get them at the right time when I wait patiently. I acted on my faith and never planned to buy a Bible for myself. Our pastor advised us, his preaching class students, to buy a Study Bible. Jokingly, I knew Cody has a Study Bible so I told him to just give it to me. hahaha! Of course, he didn't want to since it was given to him, too. Amazingly, it was given to him on my birthday. Anyway, yesterday morning, I saw him take out his Bible so I joked again about him giving it to me. When I turned around to fix my things, he told me that he got me a new one. I was so speechless. The same one that he has but hard cover for me. He was almost crying while he was telling me sweet things and handing it to me at the same time. I was surprised. What is more heartwarming is that he painted the sides with gold. To make my heart melt more, when the paint dried up, the pages got stuck altogether so he patiently peeled off the 2000+ pages one by one. I am so blessed to have this man as my boyfriend and my future husband. Oh and here is a picture of my Study Bible...

Now, I've got my cute, pink and girly Bible and a very useful Study Bible. When GOD gives, HE gives the best. Just wait and believe.

Third, I already planned Cody and I's itinerary for his visit for two weeks. I had to cancel a date with 2 of my friends tomorrow because of confidential reasons. hehehe! Anyway, my friends and I planned on eating at Matutina's tomorrow. I canceled it though. This afternoon, I sent my aunt a text and I told her that Cody is here already and I joked that she should treat us out for dinner. She agreed. To top it all off, she asked that we eat at Matutina's. Pretty amazing, huh? I am truly surprised and overwhelmed with these blessings and favor from GOD. GOD IS SO GOOD AND FAITHFUL!

I prayed to GOD to send me Cody as my birthday gift but HE sent me more. Bibles. yay! THANK YOU, FATHER!

Til my next post. hehehe! I am quite taking some time to post here in my blog coz I'm pretty busy with my honey. hehehe! Anyway, please pray for our relationship and thank you for the prayers.

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When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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