Wednesday, October 1, 2008

GOD's Will

A daily devotional book excerpt from "Devotions for Dating Couples" by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams. Enjoy! Hope you buy the book, too. hahaha!

Do you struggle with finding GOD's will for your life? Whom does HE want you to marry? What job does HE want you to take? Where does HE want you to live?

Years ago I was faced with a difficult decision that had both temporal and eternal consequences. I had to discern the will of GOD on that life-or-death decision. I had two options. If I chose Plan A, GOD definitely could have blessed me. But if I chose Plan A and GOD really wanted me to choose Plan B, then I could have been totally out of HIS will. There were no Scriptures that related to the decision, so I was forced to listen to the inner voice of the Spirit.

As I listened, I heard that voice say to me, Eat at Wendy's. You see, I was torn between eating at Wendy's or McDonald's; I didn't want to miss HIS leading and eat at the wrong place. My understanding of how to discover the will of GOD for my life was a little off base at the time. I needed a big McDose of sound teaching on the issue.

Discerning GOD's will is not always easy, but let me share with you a statement that may help: GOD's will for your life is found in GOD's Word. You could solve most of your problems with trying to hear GOD's voice and discern HIS leadings by opening up the Bible and reading it on a daily basis. You see, our hang-ups with this whole issue arise from a misunderstanding of the will of GOD.

GOD has two wills. The first will is GOD's sovereign, pre-determined will that will be accomplished no matter what. Nothing can stop the awesome plan of GOD, and it will be carried out in HIS timing and in HIS manner. Period. This first will is also called HIS secret will. GOD's second will is called HIS moral will. This will is clearly revealed to us in the sixty-six books of the Bible. It contains promises, commands, warnings, and provisions to sufficiently guide us in this life. GOD's secret will is known only to HIM, hence, the word secret. GOD's moral will is known to all through the Scriptures. The problem occurs when we want to sneak a peek at GOD's secret will before it has been revealed. Often we are too concerned with trying to anticipate HIS next move.

The bottom line is this: don't worry about GOD's secret, pre-determined will. Just trust that GOD is going to work out HIS plan for your life as HE guides you providentially and focus on obeying GOD's moral will day by day by day. When you recognize your dependence upon GOD for holiness, and you humbly seek to live your life according to HIS guidelines and moral teachings, you will be in the middle of HIS will for your life.

GOD's will for your life is more relational (love GOD and others) than it is geographical (know where to live) or occupational (recognize what job to take). HIS will for you today is for you to love HIM with all your heart, mind, body, and soul, and to love others as much as you love yourself. GOD's will is also for you to follow the desires of your heart within the bounds of HIS moral prescriptions. Saint Augustine said it best: "Love GOD and do whatever you want."

Further Scriptural Meditation
Hope you enjoyed this beautiful excerpt coz I did. GOD LOVES YOU!

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