Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Epitome of Love and Patience

One day, a couple went to the mall to buy a pair of sandals for the guy.

As they were strolling the mall, the guy ended up choosing a pair at the department store. As they were about to pay at the cashier and handed the cashier the guy's credit card, the cashier asked for an identification card. The guy forgot to bring one. The girl checked for cash but there wasn't enough to pay the sandals. The girl was getting upset already. The guy who was already wearing the new pair surrendered them and put back the old one. The old pair was not even his.

The girl left the counter upset and went straight to the grocery store without even talking to the guy. The guy followed her wherever she went. He was just at her back following her even if she was furious of what happened.

When they were on their way home, the guy, without even saying a word about the incident, lovingly smiled and asked his girl, "are you ok?"

When they arrived home, he didn't say a word about the incident but he just hugged her and said 'I love you.' She realized what she did was wrong so she explained and they hugged each other.

I admire the guy so much for being so patient of what happened. He was supposed to be the one upset but he was patient enough and he showed genuine love and understanding to the girl. He was very gentle and didn't say a word about the incident.

In fact, they're both Christians. Come to think of it, the girl was the one who taught him patience.

How do I know? I am the girl.

I taught patience but I also learned from it. When I look at Cody, I see a guy of patience. A man of genuine love. Together, we grow spiritually. He is my accountability partner and I am his. He is never afraid to rebuke whenever I need it. I will be the first person to get hurt when someone would judge without even knowing him and say rude things about him.

A text message sent by Ate Cheryl:
GOD placed different people in our lives for a reason. Some to challenge us. Some to inspire us. Some to stretch us. Some to encourage us. And some more for other good reasons. But don't forget that you also play a unique role in someone else's life. So be happy; whatever you're doing. No matter how small or how difficult your task is, only you can do it! And only GOD knows how far your influence can go.

I never knew how far my influence would go but I saw it. I witnessed it myself. When Cody and I were still casual friends, we talked a lot about patience and he told me that he learned patience from me. I was very happy to know that but seeing it happen made me ecstatic. I also learned from it. I can be weak at times and struggle at some weak points but GOD uses other people to remind me of what good character is all about. GOD is alive! I am grateful for having Cody and I know he feels the same. We encourage and help each other spiritually. Something that I never expected but I would never want to lose now. I will always glorify GOD for a wonderful man HE has given me.

To end my story, my mom bought him a new pair of sandals on that same day.


Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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