Friday, May 1, 2009

QUOTES: Prayer, Friendship, Life


My 12 prayers for YOU:
1. Happiness deep down inside
2. Serenity at every sunrise
3. Success in every facet of your life
4. Family beside you
5. Caring friends
6. A love that never ends
7. Good health
8. Beautiful memories of yesteryears
9. A bright today, with so much to be thankful for
10. A pathway leading to better tomorrows
11. Dreams that manage to come true, and
12. A great appeciation for whatever YOU do.
May all my prayers be with you. ~Ms. Maricel

Why is PRAYER important?
-prayer quiets our heart
-prayer clears our vision
-prayer activates our faith
-prayer makes things happen!

Prayer is not a magic wand for satisfying our own wishes, but it's an opportunity to work with the LORD in accomplishing HIS purposes. ~Ate Cathy

"5 fingers of prayer"
1. Your thumb is nearer to you, so pray for those who are closest to you.
2. Pointing finger: pray for those who teach, instruct and heal.
3. Tallest finger: pray for our leaders, they need GOD's guidance.
4. Ring finger: weakest finger, so pray for those who are weak, troubled or in need.
5. Little finger: the smallest to remind you to pray for yourself.


i hope our relationship would be like the relation between the hand and the eyes. it's like when the hand gets hurt, the eye cries. when the eye cries, the hand wipes its tears. ~Eloisa Joy

Every good friend is an image of GOD. It's one of life's best blessings. A priceless gift that can never be bought, sold or forgotten. ~Ms. Sol

"We must learn that even though we may think we have nothing to give, when a friend cries with us, they find the strength to ease the pain." ~Our Daily Bread

"You cannot go where GOD wants you to go unless you hook up with somebody who also wants to be what GOD wants him or her to be." -James MacDonald ~sent by Justine

The importance of good friends in our lives is like the importance of heartbeats... though not visible, they silently support our lives. ~Ms. Maricel


Rediscover the goodness within you. You're empowered to do good and avoid evil. Discover also the goodness in others. If only the world will recognize the inherent goodness of each one, the fragrance of goodness will be the aroma of our identity. ~Ms. Maricel

Our life is never without a problem, never without difficulty, never without hurtful moments, but never without GOD to lean on. ~Ms. Maricel

Never get tired of being kind. Hold on to this virtue tightly and let it always be the motivation of your HEART. ~Ate Cheryl

Whenever you share the goodness in your heart, you always end up winning because LIFE IS AN ECHO. It gives back to you what you have given. Stay nice even when others are not. ~Anonymous

Nothing starts easy. Everything begins at some level of difficulty. Even waking up requires certain efforts. But one thing beautiful about life is the fact that what is most difficult is also the most rewarding and the most satisfying. ~Ms. Sol

The Beauty of Christian life is not that we are always strong, but in the midst of anguish, despair and difficulty we can still shout GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! For the Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is GOD's Will for you in Christ Jesus" For there is power in thanking HIM! For GOD has a wonderful plan for you! JESUS IS ALIVE! ~Ms. Ron

"ONE LIFE" so live it well
"ONE HEART" so take good care
"ONE SOUL" keep it pure by staying in GOD's loving care!
~Ate Lenlen

"Learn to appreciate what you have before time forces you to appreciate what you lost! ~Ms. Sol

Sometimes you have to fall from the mountain to realize what you are climbing for. Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for. ~Julie Anne

Any good things you've done will never be lost, your kindness takes root and every bit of love you gave will come back to you coz GOD knows you have a good heart. ~Cathy

Wonder why we don't have the gift to read the minds of other people? So we could have the chance to trust. And the privilege to be trusted. ~Ms. Maricel

Life's battle doesn't always favor the stronger or faster ones, coz sooner or later, the one who wins is the one whose heartbeat says... "With GOD, I can!" ~Nonie

everyday... find out who you are and be yourself... decide wisely... discover your strengths and use them... learn not to compete with others because no one else is in contest of being you... you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and there's only one you in the world. ~Ate Cheryl

Life can never be free of pain but GOD will always give you the means to endure and survive in the rush of events, you will see that HE's holding your hand at every moment. ~Ate Cathy

Life is a constant change. Love is the greatest surprise. Friendship is your best defense. Maturity comes with responsibilities. And death is just around the corner. So expect little, assume nothing, learn from your mistakes, listen to your heart, take care of your friends, treasure your family, achieve your goals, cry because of laughter, laugh because of pain, eat your pride and throw up all hatred. And always remember that life is the best gift coz not everyone get the chance to have it. ~Julie Anne

Never get tired of doing little things for others... sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts. ~Ms. Sol

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