Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Being True to Ourselves

Honesty is the best policy.

It is never bad to tell someone that you're weak and having too many struggles and difficulties in life wherein you want to quit.

And you know what? These people are the ones I truly admire.

Some people are just too arrogant to say that they cannot do it alone. The humble in spirits are the ones who are lifted up.

Whoever in this world is saying that he/she isn't experiencing trials is a liar.

A quote I've read from "Glimpses of an Invisible GOD"...

The toughest battles we fight in life are often with ourselves.

Oftentimes, the things we want to hear are the only things we desire to hear but most of the time, we should hear the things we NEED to hear. And you know what? We don't always need to listen to ourselves because ourselves would often just want what we want. We also need to listen to wise counsels from others. We need to listen to our GOD.

Yes, the first step to healing is admitting that there is a problem but the next step is dealing with it not running away from it.

For the lost and weak in spirit right now, you are not alone. I am not happy all the time but I assure you that I have ETERNAL JOY because of GOD.

Now I am going to be true. My life is not perfect. BUT I LOVE IT!!! It is not full of happiness. Comparison has a great deal in swerving us to the wrong direction.

Why? For example, you have married someone you love. Then suddenly, you look at other people's marriages. You see how they are happier than you. Well, close that window! GOD HAS PROMISED A BEAUTIFUL LIFE FOR YOU! All you need to do is to grab HIS hand and tell HIM that you cannot do it alone. I tell you, your life will begin to change. Open HIS Word and stand by HIS promises. OUR GOD IS A PROMISE KEEPER!

"No one is rich enough to buy back the past. But if you have the courage to do better things today, you would be the richest one tomorrow. (Isaiah 41:10)" ~sent by Ate Lenlen

I am a living testimony of GOD's love and faithfulness. All of my friends and family can attest to that. All the blessings I'm receiving now is all because of JESUS CHRIST!

If only I could describe the life I lived back when I was in the "world" but I would sound redundant. hehehe!

I was a sinner and still a sinner but I have a GREAT SAVIOR!!!

Blogs that I like reading are people with sad stories to tell because I know these are the people who need GOD. I might even be an Occupational Therapist someday. One of my dreams is to be a therapist/counselor because I firmly believe that WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Of course, I need to be able to soak myself in GOD so I won't be a patient myself. hehehe! One of my spiritual therapy is reading books that edify my soul and spirit. I really soak myself in these kinds of books. I read the Bible. I read inspirational stories of Christians from long ago and nowadays. Christians who encourage me to continue the race not run away from the race.

Many times, I wanted to run away from here. I've tried running away from my parents when I was younger. I was a rebel. GOD led me back HOME. Now, I have a deeper and more intimate relationship with my parents.

No life is perfect but our GOD IS PERFECT!!!

A Chinese general put it this way: "If the world is to be brought to order, my nation must first be changed. If my nation is to be changed, my hometown must be made over. If my hometown is to be reordered, my family must first be set right. If my family is to be regenerated, I myself must first be."

~a text message sent by Justine

Change starts within us not around us.


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