Friday, May 29, 2009

My Sweet Rewards Today

Whether you like it or not, GOD is our Rewarder.

I won't make my introduction long enough. I'll try to not make my post long either. My body is tired today. A VERY busy week.

Today, I was able to go to Baguio and accompany Julie Ann again to inquire for a student visa. We were scheduled to do it half of the day. I'm very glad that my mom allowed me to take a leave but then I asked my youngest sister aged 13 if she could do my work today and I'll just give her my pay for today. She agreed. She was happy. hahaha! This is one of my ministries - to be able to help my friends with whatever. She paid for the fare and the food. Everything. She provided my breakfast, lunch and snacks. Since we arrived late around 11:30 in Baguio, we had to wait for lunch break to end before inquiring again at the second agency. The inquiry/orientation was scheduled 2pm. So we watched a movie first before going back. We watched a funny movie which I can appreciate because it was not a perverted, comedy movie. Night at the Museum 2. Go watch it! hehehe! She also gave me a "pasalubong" for the family. I'm glad that she really appreciates the gesture of me helping her with everything. GLORY TO GOD! Oh and it was great to see 2 friends (one was a neighbor and one was a roommate) from college when I first studied there last 2001.

While away from family, I was thinking of my dad. I was very sure that he was asking of me all day long. When I came home around 8pm, my mom told me that he was really asking about me and waiting for me to come. My mom told me that my dad asked plenty of times where I was. After asking over and over, at last, he remembered that I was in Baguio. My mom said that he also waited for me at the door. When our dogs barked, he thought it was me so he opened the door and peeked outside. He was calling out my name seeing if it was me. These things touched my heart so deeply. Now my dad is showing how much he really loves us and misses us when we're not around. He is actually a very sweet man but he was used to hiding his emotions. This is my most favorite, sweet reward for today. My heart is deeply moved.

I found my job order!!! Yay! I've been looking for it for weeks now. At last, I found it! It's a job order for the school notebooks. I really need it. Thank GOD, HE showed it to me!

There's a sweet reward with regards to my work. I still need to confirm it so I'll just post it soon but it's GOOD NEWS! At least, for me. hehehe! And I got my salary on time again.

What about you? What are your rewards from GOD today? Please share them. I'd be very happy to hear (read) them. You can share them through comments or through a blogpost.

Another encoded post for my journal. hehehe!

To all my friends in the blog world, I'm deeply sorry if I haven't been catching up yet. Been very busy. I'll do it this weekend. Thank you for your faithfulness and understanding.




Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.

When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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Chris said...

This blog is my reward from God today! Hope all is well.