Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let's Dream Bigger

When I was little, I was introduced to wishing feathers. The little, white thingies that fly with the wind. When you see one, you should catch it then make a wish then let it go. Another one is eyelashes that have fallen off your eyes. You can make 3 wishes with each eyelash. I always remember wishing for peace and happiness for all the people in the world.

As I grow older, I forgot that wish. Life became serious. Life focused on myself. On my wants. On my happiness. On my future. All about me.

Life was miserable. Life was sad. Life was lifeless.

When GOD found me, I became a child again. I began to dream, instead of just wish. I began to dream for others. Dream for people I love and even for strangers.

My dad has been improving. He has been walking a lot. He is physically stronger now. Thank GOD! There are certain observations we're noticing. He gets bored a lot in the living room. He talks and laughs a lot in the dining room. He loves more in the bedroom. He prays more and he prays with us unlike before. He still has amnesia. Mood swings.

When I was in HS, we had a Psychology subject. I was so into it. I LOVE every topic. I was so eager to learn. Other subjects, I set aside. There was something about Psychology that really pulls me. After HS, I forgot all about it.

Now that I have been transformed, I knew I had a calling. GOD gave me a heart for people and listening ears and a mouth eager to give advices. I confirmed Cody that I will take up Psychology someday. He agreed. We were talking about the other day if I am sure about it.

Earlier, while my family and I were eating, I was staring at my dad. My dad would not really notice when you stare at him unless he looks at you. He was telling a lot of stories about people we do not know. Stories from a man with amnesia. I stared at how he ate his oranges. He would dip them on a sauce made of Caesar Salad dressing, ketchup and cream. He mixes food that aren't supposed to be mixed and he just loves them. He says they're yummy. I was just staring at him and I can feel the desire to take up Psychology grew in my heart. I was wondering how my dad could turn into such a stranger. GOD HAS AN ULTIMATE PURPOSE!!!

I would like to learn more about Psychology but then I also would like to learn more about Inner Healing and Deliverance - the spiritual way. The Holy Spirit will always convict me of what is right from wrong. That is the breakthrough GOD gave me in my spiritual aspect. My mind can't conceive what happened to me. When I try to explain, I couldn't. I just know how it is in the world and in the Spirit. I've been there and now I'm here.

A child dreams without limits. I have so many dreams now and my desire is to dream bigger than ever before. GOD's Perfect Will will always prevail. All I have to do is wait for GOD's Perfect Timing. Each dream will happen in GOD's time. HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time.

"GOD paints vision into the hearts of those who aren't afraid to look further than they can see."

Jessica rolled over, rested her chin on her elbows, and asked, "Why do you always ask these impossible questions?"

"It helps put everything else in perspective," Kellie said. "It's good to think big thoughts."

"Where there is no vision, the people perish..." ~Proverbs 29:18 KJV

~~~ALL FROM "Glimpses of an Invisible GOD"

Please continue to pray more for my dad. Thank you so much!





When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.


Pia said...

i prayed for you, hon. there's nothing broken that God can't restore, nothing missing that God can't find, nothing lacking that God can't provide and there's no person God can't change.

all things are possible with Him. He will make a way where there seems to be no way.

it may look impossible... BUT GOD!

Mr. Woolf said...

Interesting post. I appreciate the thoughts about wishing and loving God with the love of a child.
Mr. Woolf

Anonymous said...

Amen! I have done the same thing, dreaming small dreams instead of big ones. I will continue to pray for you and your family! Blessings and love!!

Karen said...

I loved what you wrote...
"GOD's Perfect Will will always prevail. All I have to do is wait for GOD's Perfect Timing. Each dream will happen in GOD's time. HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time."AMEN!