Friday, April 17, 2009

My Testimonies Belong to GOD

Busy week and I've been sleeping late because of reading beautiful books and chatting with one of the most beautiful persons in the world - my Cody. I'm glad that inspite of my period symptoms and sleeping late, I still manage to go to work this whole week. No absences. I am testifying of GOD's Strength.

I have been struggling mentally with my thoughts. Amazingly, GOD is my Comforter and my Solution to every problem. HE is the Key to every struggle. I am testifying of GOD's Grace.

There is no month that GOD stopped giving my salary on time. Now, I've got new books to read. hehehe! I am testifying of GOD's Provision.

I've already prepared for my preaching notes last Monday for the cell meeting yesterday. As much as possible, I try to ask for GOD's Wisdom for preachings that come from HIM. New insights every week. But as days passed by after Monday, my heart wasn't at peace with the topic that has been prepared. Then I stumbled upon one of my favorite articles which is one of my posts entitled "Think GODLY Thoughts" and GOD impressed upon my heart that that is the topic I should share. My heart was at peace by then. I changed our routine. I purposedly begun with the preaching first before the testimony portion because Elisha had an appointment at their church. When she informed that she still has 1 more hour left, we still had time to share our testimonies for the week. The youths enjoy that portion a lot coz they all have the chance to share their amazing testimonies about GOD. Talk about amazing. Those youths are few of my rewards in this ministry. Come to think of it, I just realized that almost all of their testimonies are connected to me. Before, I wanted to quit my cell ministry but GOD told me not to do so. Now GOD is rewarding my sacrifices and I'm giving HIM all the glory. First, my youngest sister testified about how her prayer is answered because I read her book by Melody Carlson and that I committed to buy a charger for her phone. It has been weeks now since she last used her phone. Justine shared about how she remembered one of my preachings about love (yes that matters to me - simple things make up the best things). Elisha shared about how she has been mentally struggling this week, too. She was truly amazed that my preaching is what she really needed. She kept on thanking me. These princesses are one of my rewards from GOD. Also, I want to acknowledge my Blogger friends who faithfully read and comment. I will catch up tomorrow as I am very tired tonight. I just don't want to procrastinate with my blogposts. You all are one of my beautiful rewards from our FATHER. Thank DAD for my beautiful family. And to my Cody - my beautiful blessing from GOD. We're almost one year very soon. A year of love and commitment! Long distance is never easy but GOD is gracious and patient. I thank GOD for giving Cody the patience in every aspect of me. I am testifying of GOD's Favors, Rewards and Blessings.

Now, I am very much into a good habit (I'm replacing a bad habit). My good habit is reading books and articles. I want to read one book to another - nonstop. hehehe! Books and articles that will edify my soul and spirit in order to glorify GOD alone. Books and articles from anointed people of GOD.

Last but the BEST, I am testifying of GOD HIMSELF. HE IS SO GREAT!!! HE COMPLETES ME. APART FROM GOD, I AM NOTHING!!! I am not perfect but HE IS PERFECT!




Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.


When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Love this post. We can never say enough to glorify Him, but we can at least share the great testimonies of his graciousness. I'm so happy to hear He cleared your mind for you. It's funny, as hubby and I have been struggling as well. He's up to something, but unlike you, we are still waiting to hear what it is. But when His time is right, He will answer. We are always a work in progress.
Love you dear sister in Christ. What a beautiful princess you are.

Karen said...

Wonderful testimony with praises to God....bless you, Hon!

LAURIE said...

I wanted to let you know about a new feature on my blog. It is a way to connect to my faithful readers. "Circle of love" is a new feature on fridays where I want to introduce faithful friends such as yourself to my readers.

Check out todays post about this new feature and consider allowing me to feature you and your blog in the future.

Thank you for all that you are doing, as you minister to us thru the web!


Saii said...

yOU'RE an INspIrAtion