Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are You Burdened? C'mon read this post...

and be encouraged!!!

This has been a tough day. My bloodiest day (literally) because of my period. hehehe! I know I could be gross at times. hehehe! Anyway, today I was struggling mentally and repeatedly I was silently telling myself to capture every thought and make it obey CHRIST. So negative thoughts stopped. I don't know about you but I am an emotional person. I cry because of movies, articles or books. Most of the time. Today is my emotional day. I am burdened with some desires that I haven't gotten yet. I admit I am becoming impatient and sad about it. I could discern the still, small voice though to be patient, keep waiting and keep believing. I needed help. I know I would get it from GOD, as what I always expect from HIM.

Cody left to sleep without knowing what my burdens are. I told him I needed help but I was busy doing my laundry so he signed out before I could tell him my burdens. He was too sleepy. After laundry, I committed my time to reading (my good habit). I LOVE reading! Oh the good stuff! First, I decided to read a book excerpt by Melody Carlson that I got from her website. Second, I chose to open my email and check if there are new email subscriptions. There are so I committed myself to read my favorite devotional "Moments Together for Couples" by one of my most favorite couples. A very beautiful insight.

by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

The Blessing of Burdens
2 Corinthians 12:10
Therefore I am well content with weaknesses,...with distresses,...with difficulties, for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.

Sadhu Sundar Singh, a Hindu convert to Christianity, became a missionary to his people in India. Late one afternoon Sadhu was traveling on foot through the Himalayas with a Buddhist monk. It was bitterly cold and the wind felt like sharp blades slicing into their skins. Night was fast approaching when the monk warned Sadhu that they were in danger of freezing to death if they did not reach the monastery before darkness fell.
Suddenly, on a narrow path above a steep precipice, they heard a cry for help. At the foot of the cliff lay a man, fallen and badly hurt. The monk looked at Sadhu and said, "Do not stop. God has brought this man to his fate. He must work it out for himself. Let us hurry on before we, too, perish."
But Sadhu replied, "God has sent me here to help my brother. I cannot abandon him."
The monk continued trudging off through the whirling snow, while the missionary clambered down the steep embankment. The injured man's leg was broken and he could not walk, so Sadhu made a sling of his blanket and tied the man on his back. With great difficulty he climbed back up the cliff, drenched by now in perspiration.
Doggedly, Sadhu made his way through the deepening snow and darkness. It was all he could do to follow the path. But he persevered, though faint with fatigue and overheated from exertion. Finally, he saw ahead the lights of the monastery.
Then, for the first time, Sadhu stumbled and nearly fell. But not from weakness. He had stumbled over an object lying in the snow-covered road. Slowly he bent down on one knee and brushed the snow off the object. It was the body of the monk, frozen to death.
Years later a disciple of Sadhu's asked him, "What is life's most difficult task?"
Without hesitation Sadhu replied: "To have no burden to carry."

Ask God to enable you to view life's challenges as a means of serving others and of strengthening your muscles of faith.

Discuss: Put into your own words the lesson you get from this story. What negative pressures in your life can be turned into strength-building character qualities?

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After reading this, I cried my heart out as I was also listening to my iTunes playlist. This song was being played but it was instrumental so it added more drama to it. Very beautiful song.


I behold your power and glory
Bring an offering, Come before You
Worship You Lord
In the beauty of Your holiness
Whenever I call You're there
Redeemer and friend
Cherished beyond all words
This love never ends
Morning by morning,
Your mercy awakens my soul
I lift up my eyes to see
The wonders of heaven
Opening over me
Your goodness abounds
You've taken my breath away,
with Your irresistible love

Hope this post has helped you with your burdens as it has helped me. Now, I feel refreshed!!!



Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.



When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


Omah's Helping Hands said...

Awesome lesson with the Buddhist turned Christian and the monk! You know,when ever I'm struggling and start to get frustrated, I think of Jesus being whipped, then carrying the cross, then nailed to the cross. I realize then that it's time to pick up my cross. Our burdesn are trivial compared to what Jesus sacrificed for us. You know, you can always call upon me as well when you need someone to listen. ;) Love you!

Anonymous said...

That is great!! Good, good post :) have a blessed weekend!!

Chris said...

Great post! Very encouraging!

Karen said...

Wonderful inspiring words and a great song to go with them....thanks for the uplifting message!

godsown said...

Such an good post and song.

Blessed weekend