Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Supposed Short Cell Meeting

I've been emotionally and spiritually attached to the youths I'm handling at school. Because of how much I wanted to share GOD with them, I've scheduled another supposed short cell meeting today for this week.

I've prepared 10 copies of the song that we sang for worship. The youths were all excited.

I saw the love and happiness in their eyes. It's amazing and very rewarding for me as I'm witnessing how those youths are growing in CHRIST. Our first-timer last week, unexpectedly, really wanted to attend again so I invited her. She was so eager and very happy to join us once again. We welcomed her back wholeheartedly. It was funny coz she said in a joking way, "I'm touched" that got all of us laughing. Everyone was excited. As a leader, the joy in my heart in this ministry is incomparably beautiful. I will never trade it for anything in this world. Not even for money. Many times, I've been tested with my faith and patience but GOD is so good that HE always reassures me of my calling. Now that I've chosen to be more positive and more still, GOD has been rewarding me more spiritually. Seeing how they all willingly listen as I speak just humbles me. IT IS ALL GOD!

In the cell meeting, there were 10 of us. Growing and growing but more in quality, not just in quantity. I am after the quality more than the quantity. We started with a prayer led by JM. We all sang worship. Then the testimony portion that took us an hour. hehehe! It was the main part for today's cell meeting. One of the most powerful tools I know is testimony. We all laughed a lot and encouraged each other a lot to grow more in CHRIST and seek HIM more. Even our second-timer, Jenny, testified. GOD is oh-so-good! She is starting to open up herself to us. All of us have been blessed by the wonderful testimonies of GOD's love. No one is exempted, by the way. I always encourage each one to testify. No such word as "pass" in the cell group. hehehe! I was also very happy that we're complete. Patience is a must when leading young people ages 13-15 because they are all very talkative and opinionated. So many questions - all asked at the same time so you can expect that all of them would love to talk out their minds. hehehe! I gave them a short activity after the testimony portion. I gave them pieces of paper so they could write 3 of their dreams. The first one is about their faith in GOD. You will be amazed at what they all desire to achieve. I will share all of their answers (some are translated from Tagalog):

Deena (the gadget girl in the group) = Love GOD above all.
JM (the only guy in the group) = deepen my relationship with GOD and spiritual maturity
Elisha (the valedictorian, as what I call her hehehe) = more intimate relationship with GOD, deeper faith, fish more people (esp. family and friends)
Jenny (the second-timer) = my relationship with GOD will grow and join some religious activities (such is the hunger that GOD gives to the willing hearts)
Irene (the skeptic in the group) = for my parents, older brother, older sister, all GOD's creations to not believe in idols anymore (this exact topic opened her eyes to the Truth)
Jerevy (the worship leader) = to advance in the kingdom of GOD in my spiritual life, a desire for many and passion for every (yeah she tried to rhyme it...hehehe!)
Justine (the sensitive girl in the group) = I really want to know GOD more. I want to be a discipler someday - oh today hahaha! I'll just pray, pray, pray!
Eloah (the cool rocker in the group) = to be a missionary that will travel around the world, to be one of youths' rockin' leader
Regina (the dancer in the group) = that the faith of other people in GOD will be more strengthened especially me and the people I love

I love the innocence and the genuine faith of these young people! Six of them will be graduating from HS on March 29, 2009. All of them are achievers in their class. But all of them are humble children of GOD. So all in all, this supposed short cell meeting turned into a long one (2.5 hours). It is so good to bathe in GOD's presence!

The youth ministry can be very difficult sometimes but then it's so rewarding. GOD IS FAITHFUL IN THIS CELL GROUP (it started with just 4 girls)! GOD NEVER STOPS WORKING IN EVERYONE'S LIVES!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing.





When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


Chris said...

You, my sister, are awesome! You truly have the heart of our Lord Jesus! I am not sure you know how unique and influential you are to the Kingdom. What you are doing with those kids will have lasting Kindom benifits to great to measure by human standards! I know you do not hear this often, but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

That is so awesome hon! You have a wonderful gift and I love how you continue to let it grow and share with those that need it. Those kids are so lucky to have been blessed with your teaching of God's word and will. And I ditto what Chris has said. Thank you. You are a special princess of the Lord. Thank you for sharing your love for Him. Love, hugs, and blessings to you.

~hon~ said...

Awww...thank you so much! You, two, are my most faithful readers and commenters. I appreciate it very much!

Chris ~> I am so humbled. GOD deserves the glory, my friend. It is so rewarding to see those kids grow and knowing that GOD is glorified, those are what motivates me. Thank DAD! And thank you for being one of my top commenters.

Tammy ~> When I read Chris' comment this morning, I thought of you since you and him are my top commenters. You and I share the heart for kids and that's what I adore about you. One of the reasons why I love you, my friend. We share the same passion.

Chris and Tammy, ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD ALONE...apart from HIM, I can do nothing. IT IS ALL FOR HIM!

Thank you so much for being so faithful! GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY! P.U.S.H.

iLoveYou, my dear friends in CHRIST!