Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Do You Know When You Are Growing More in GOD?

When you are growing more in LOVE!

When I was younger, I would not really care whether our pets would die.

As the years go by, we have lost plenty of dogs along the way. And one cat.

Dogs died coz of killing or accidents. The cat got lost. I suspect it got killed coz it never came back. He used to come back but when the typhoon last year ruined our house, he never came back. He was around a few days after the typhoon.

So that didn't bother me yet.

My covenant for this year is to focus on GOD. Truly, HE is giving me every spiritual desire I have. Since I am growing more in HIM, I am also growing more in LOVE.

When our very first dog named Blessing died last February this year, I was sad. I even cried over it. Good thing I wasn't around to see her dead. She is the mother of all our dogs. She had about 5-10 batches of offspring. It was my first time to really cry over a dog. It was painful. She is a very loving dog.

I have learned to surrender the pain to GOD. In return, HE has given me a different level of spiritual breakthrough everyday. Now that I am in an amazing level, one of our puppies was ambushed by the dogs of our neighbor. It was awful. When I went out of the house because my mom was calling me, I saw the poor puppy lying on the rocky road with blood all over his neck. He couldn't move coz of the pain. He was crying every time we moved him. It was a terrible sight. I know you would say, "It's just a dog." Well, it's a living creature. It was coz he died. He just died. It's so painful. He barked so much coz of the pain. Then my mom and I just witnessed him die and I cried. We couldn't do anything but pray. We don't know any veterinarian. Vets are not too famous here. My mom and I were scared to try to heal him because we don't know what to do but we took some ice and put it on the bleeding neck then we took him inside our house. I am too attached now with every living thing I encounter. The way that I saw the murderers hid in their hideaway and one just stared at me with guilty eyes - just got me heartbroken. The dogs who killed him are envious of the puppies because our dogs/puppies get too eat a lot but they don't. Our dogs have the innocent eyes - all of them. Honestly, the neighbor's dogs have guilty and fierce eyes. One of them bit me when I was younger. GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR EVERYTHING!

This is one way of knowing that you are growing more in GOD...when you are loving more!

Really. It's the truth.

GOD gave me this heart and I am glad that HE gave me a heart that grows to love more each day. APART FROM GOD, I AM NOTHING!



Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.


When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


tiruka said...

wonderful blog sister!

do you feel that the soul which is in pets and the soul with in you is different?

why we like pets? does the souls attract each other - afterall what is soul - is it not a part of bundle of energy i.e., almighty

please send your mail-id to tvsrinivas41@gmail.com

i like your way of thinking - i too think in your way :)

i have got another wonderful sister in this world

Omah's Helping Hands said...

It's not just a dog as you stated. They are living breathing creatures of God. I have a love for animals and hate to see anything hurt. When I had to take care of the mouse problem in my house, it was painful to deal with, but had to be done for the safety of everyone. It still broke my heart. I've cried over every beloved lost pet. They are loyal to us. For those that can't understand the love of an animal, my heart bleeds for them, and I pray that they are awakened to the Love of Christ.
Great post Hon! Thank you.

Chris said...

I'm sorry about your dogs. It's always tough loosing a pet. My dog is 13 and I know it will be hard when she dies.