Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HEAVEN on Earth

Home by Chris Daughtry

Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it all
You just might get it all, yeah

Oh, well I'm going home
Back to the place where I belong
And where Your love has always been enough for me

Well, not full lyrics...I just shared a few lines that will make the most out of this post.

Life can be difficult but with GOD, life is beautiful.

If you have been a faithful reader of my blog from the very first day I started this, you will know how GOD really moved in my life.

Some people may wonder how I find the courage to say positive things when difficult times arrive. One reason alone: GOD!

To make it short...I have been through a lot. I really mean A LOT! I still am but I refuse to drown myself with negative things because GOD IS BEAUTIFUL!

This post will be all about GOD! To testify is to receive more blessings. GOD loves to bless abundantly the people who knows how to testify of HIS good works. But you know what? GOD IS FAITHFUL even to the unfaithful. Isn't that neat?! But GOD DESERVES OUR FAITHFULNESS! I thank GOD because every day is beautiful!

Before you start, you gotta relax and don't ever stop in the middle. You will miss how GOD is working in everyone's lives.

This morning, my ride (which is a motorcycle) came to pick me up. When we were on our way, there was a small truck before us. The truck was making it difficult for us because of the smoke coming out of its muffler also the smoke from the dirt. Horrible. We had to slow down so we won't be directly at its tail so deep inside me was desiring for it to stop so we can overtake it. After a few seconds, it stopped. GOD IS SO GOOD! We were able to overtake it.

I was desiring for a devotional notebook. I am not a writer (literally hehehe). When one of my blog friends posted in her blog that she wants to give out some mock-up Bibles that can be used for devotions and note-taking, I instantly commented that I am desiring for one. She emailed me and asked for my home address. I gave it to her but then asked if she would give out one to someone who's as far as the Philippines. She said she would try but she never confirmed it. So I already forgot about that. The mailman was beeping his motorcycle loudly outside the school gate trying to get the attention of the security guard. I was staring at them as the mailman handed a white-covered package to the guard. Then I thought, "Oh that may be mine." I stood at the canteen and started talking to my aunt and cousin. The guard approached me handing me the package. Then I asked, "It's mine?" He said yes. I was ecstatic! I saw Deborah's name and I was so amazed. She sent me a black mock-up Bible, cassette tapes of Beth Moore and a card. So sweet! She was able to minister to me through that wonderful deed. I thought to myself, "This is how GOD works through HIS messengers. So amazing." She ministered to the very core of my heart knowing that we aren't that close in the blog world but then she still sent me gifts. Gifts that I will forever cherish and the thought of her sending it from the US to the Philippines is astounding. You can minister in every possible way you can. "Deborah, what you sow is what you reap. You really know what giving means. You have a humble heart. GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY! I love you, my dear co-heiress in CHRIST!"


I know GOD is not through with my day just yet.

I saw my youths today. They approached me and talked to me. Funny I was thinking of eating out with them since I'll be home alone tonight. And so after hours of thinking, I wanted to be a blessing. I asked 2 of my youths out for an early dinner at Jollibee. All of us were happy. hehehe! As we entered the fastfood restaurant, a lady smiled at us and greeted us. I then noticed her apron "I'm happy to serve you" and mind you, the word serve was underlined. I pondered on that as we took our seats. We did not go to the counter yet. So then we got fond of talking to each other about GOD. No one was ready to stand. hehehe! We were talking about transferring to other restaurant when the lady with the apron approached us with a big smile on her face and asked us our orders. We were completely stunned. She was very patient in waiting for our orders. After she took our orders, she stated each order. I asked her if I should pay it to her. She said yes and the orders will be delivered to our table. Fastfood restaurants NEVER do this kind of thing (MAYBE some). We were completely amazed. And the fact that I never saw her do it again to other customers the whole time we were there was really amazing. Anyway, we pursued on talking about GOD and share testimonies and lessons learned. I told myself that I will use this opportunity to minister personally to them. Irene is a new Christian and she's still kind of shy so Jerevy and I were encouraging her to just share more with us. I shared my testimonies for today. Jerevy shared hers. Irene desired to see the Jollibee mascot and said, "I wish he would come near us and entertain us." Then, we saw the mascot at the party section which is a few meters away from us. The glass door was closed. Then suddenly, someone opened it. The mascot stood there waving at us. Yes, at first, I didn't believe it. He was really waving his hand at us. Then he danced and shaked his "bee booty" (facing us) at us. We were all amazed and laughing. Jerevy was scared but Irene was amused. He disappeared and focused on his audience in the party again. We went back to eating. We thought that that was it. Suddenly, I saw him coming towards us. I told my friends. We were all nervous and laughing. Then he stopped twice to greet two different kids along his way. I was scaring Irene and Jerevy that the mascot is really coming towards us. He stopped at our table. He was waving so much and spoke mascot language. hehehe! Oh my...GOD IS SO AMAZING! Irene (the new Christian) kept on saying that GOD IS SO AMAZING! We were all stunned. Really. Can you imagine how our faces were so red coz of laughing so hard?

This is how my day went. I must say, ALL MY DAYS WITH GOD ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Anywhere with GOD is HOME. A heaven on earth. As the song goes...

Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it all
You just might get it all, yeah

So which do you prefer - positive wishes or negative wishes??? It's all up to you.



Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing.

When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


Deborah said...

I'm so glad that you like the journal and tapes. I worried that you might not have a tape player. Sorry it took me so long to get to the post office. I had been sick and money was short, then payday came and I decided before anything else, I was mailing those packaages. I hestitated over your's for about a second and thought...yes...it's going no matter the cost. You have blessed me today. I sat here at work with tears in my eyes. Thank you.

Chris said...

You just made my day! Great lesson!