Monday, March 9, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend

It has been very busy at work because of the foundation week and now the graduation rites. Oh jeez...I am going to miss some of my cellmates since they will be graduating soon.

Anyway, I need to get on track with my title. hehehe!

Last week has been busy. I have been focusing on friends right now. Burdens. Godly burdens. One of them is a blog friend. I have been hurt in that blog so I just chose to seek more of GOD. I chose to go to my sister's church anniversary in Manila. I did my laundry last Saturday then went straight to Manila. I was late but then I was so hungry of GOD's Word. I admire their pastors because of the wisdom and anointing bestowed upon them. GOD did not let me down. It is yet another beautiful sermon and rich of insights. The thing I love about focusing more on GOD is that it leaves me thinking positive. It leaves me desiring more of GOD in my life. Because I know that in HIM, everything is beautiful. A quote that was sent to me earlier that confirmed this...

"To hear GOD's Voice

You must turn down the
world's volume..."

It really takes courage to step out of the world and into GOD. Some people don't want to do so because they couldn't accept the rebukes that go with the TRUTH and they're also afraid of what others will think and say. One more revelation about this for today...

"The highest motive for obeying God is the desire to please Him." ~Our Daily Bread

Anyway, the sermon was preached by their pastor, Kuya Carlo, as what everyone calls him. He shared about 3 keys to fruitfulness. As a devoted Christian, I desire fruitfulness because I am saved and I desire for others to have a life lived for GOD alone. And my salvation will be useless if I can't share it with everyone I meet.

If you want to know them more and the beauty of their church, please visit their new website "DESTINY" <~please click this. Destiny is already a second church to me. I saw how some of them grew in faith especially my sister. After the anniversary service (which was a blast) in the cinema theater (so many people of GOD), I met up with my sister and friends outside. I was so happy to see them all again. They become prettier every time. I'm sure that's what GOD does to growing women of GOD. One of our friends showed her newly bought tumbler. I have been desiring a tumbler before I went to Naga last February. Without hesitation, I asked my sister to buy me one. (A tumbler sold by their congregation with a verse on it.) She did. My sister is one of the people who ministers to me a lot. She has that growing desire inside of her to keep growing in CHRIST. We had fun that we went home at 1am. Such a beautiful night with beautiful, positive people.

Sunday. I'm so tired so I slept in. Destiny had a motorcade and and a sportsfest. I wasn't able to go because I was too tired and had to travel again to meet up with relatives of my godmother. Before I left, my sister shared a wonderful testimony. Oh yes we're a family full of testimonies about GOD's faithfulness. Anyway, here it goes...she was planning to have her first visit to our friend's mom in the hospital and wanted to give them Krispy Kreme donuts. Deep inside her was battling whether she'll buy Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme because of the cost. Oh and also flowers. Her boss had a vase with flowers. She liked them so she asked if she could have them. She told her boss whom she was gonna give it to. Her boss willingly gave them and even fixed it for her. Next, her boss arrived that lunch with boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts for the Samsung staff. They all ate. There was a box left. My sister forgot everything about the Krispy Kreme. Her boss then offered her to bring them home. How neat is that?! I just feel the anointing whenever my sister shares things to me.

But then she also bought donuts for the family I'm going to visit. I was outta money. hehehe! GOD used my sister to provide my fare. Truly, my sister is a blessing. Something that I've learned from her is to bless others when GOD is blessing you. Also, it's good to say, "it feels good to give" but it is humbling to say, "it feels good to be used by a living GOD." Take that as a gift and opportunity. As an encouragement to sow more good things in CHRIST and to others. GOD used my sister. As what she said, she thinks she's just a messenger of GOD and that it is all GOD.

After lunch, I traveled again. I dropped off myself to my godmother's relatives. The family has ministered to me. They were so nice. I was given the opportunity to share GOD's love to them. I wouldn't tell all the details as I am trying to protect the family but I believe they will be a testimony of GOD's love, grace, and faithfulness as they already are. I was quite worried about my fare. Funny. I only had 80+ pesos left. I don't have any idea as to how much is the fare from their home to my home. But since, gas went down. I was trusting GOD that HE will do something. I was estimating that the jeepney fare will be 15 pesos and bus fare will be about 60 pesos. I still have to ride a tricycle after that. So it won't be enough. I rode the jeepney and the driver only took 14 pesos. I rode the bus after and the assistant of the driver asked for 40 pesos only. Ain't that cool?! GOD WILL MAKE A WAY! So I paid 15 pesos to the tricycle driver. GOD IS SO GOOD! I arrived home safe and no hassles even if I was worried and tired. hehehe!

A beautiful weekend and I believe there will be more beautiful weekends in the future.


Oh and for our youth cell meeting this Monday afternoon, we had a newcomer. She is a classmate and friend of some of the youths. A friend of us all, of course. We have been praying for their souls (other friends, too) and truly, GOD heard us. HE DID IT ALL! She has been a persecutor of the 3 girls in the cell group. She never wanted to be fished by them. Now, she attended the cell meeting. Please pray for her. Thank you.




In this journey called life, I have learned to not conform to the world. What the world gives is not as beautiful as what GOD can give. Not even half of HIS beauty.


Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.

When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


Chris said...

Great Post!

It is Schmendal and I know, she is disturbed. Very distrubed.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Hon, how are you doing? Thank you for wishing my wellness... I am fine now.
You were asking my email add, it is :)

Lisa said...

Love this sister! Such nice pictures!

Jennifer Hunter said...

Great post! You really have to turn down the world's volume in order to hear God's voice. Its so hard sometimes to listen when the world is pushing you. With God's word and love it is possible. You are truly gifted in your words and writing! God bless you!

~hon~ said...

Okay it is high time I respond with my comments again. I've been so busy. I am tired right now but might as well respond to comments. My faithful commenters, I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Chris ~> Oh it's Schmendel. I am going to focus on her blog then. And thank you for being a faithful reader and commenter of my blog. I really appreciate it.

Grace ~> Oh how I love the word grace! I am doing greater everyday but quite busy. Running around the school everyday. I will definitely email you, my dear friend.

Lisa ~> Glad you liked the pictures.

Jennifer ~> Thank you so much. I really appreciate your encouragement. Hope you get this comment that I couldn't comment on your page because of your comment form placement. Kindly change it for me. Thank you. And I agree with everything you said.

My Christian family, please know that I really appreciate your existence in my life. I admire you all for the strong faith you all have. Please don't give up the faith and together we'll continue this race. GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY! P.U.S.H.