Thursday, September 18, 2008

Real Friendships

September 14, 2008

I am so thankful for the real friendships I have. For my real close friends who celebrate with me whenever I am happy and those who try to comfort me when I am sad.

I am so grateful for my youths who continue to shower me with love and blessings. It was unexpected. Before we had our cell meeting at our house last Friday, 3 young beautiful, promising young girls, who are devoted to GOD’s ministry and called to serve, gave me a graduation gift. I wasn’t really expecting it. Each one of them gave me beautiful cards. One is very unique which is like a map hahaha! The other one is funny since she stated that I should forget her not but she didn’t write her name hahaha! It was the card though that obviously was given so much effort. The third one is one of my favorite cards in National Bookstore. Amazing coz I’ve been looking for those kinds of cards but couldn’t find them anymore and I’ve only been giving those to others. When I saw it, I was truly touched by her and moved by GOD’s goodness. These girls know the power in blessing their leaders. Whatever blessing you give, GOD gives you the ones you truly desire. Bless others with what you have. I was surprised to know that I have an impact on their lives. I never expected I could be a role model and that I could encourage young people to grow more in GOD.

Also, these girls know how to appreciate simple, little gifts. For them, the trust you give them is very essential. Just like sharing little secrets. Giving them ‘pastillas’ would really make them gleeful. hahaha!

I am also amazed at the excitement they share with me knowing that my Cody will soon be here. They are excited to meet you, honey. hahaha! Very much so they won’t be able to talk. hahaha!

They are one of my rewards in this ministry. They are like my younger sisters and children in the spirit at the same time. The hunger they have for GOD is amazing. I just declare humility, spiritual breakthrough and more of GOD’s blessings, wisdom, discernment and anointing upon them.

Elisha, Deena and Justine: GOD wants to bless and anoint you more. HE wants to give you more than the desires of your hearts. Only focus on GOD. Always make GOD your top priority and HE will make you HIS priority, too. I am so excited to see you sharing GOD’s Word to the next generation, too and when that time comes, please know that I am the first person who will celebrate the boldness given to you by our amazing Father and know that I am the first person to applaud. Seeing you guys succeed in your spiritual life is one of my ultimate goals. I admire your loyalty and perseverance to our cell meetings. You are promising ministers of GOD. Continue on serving GOD. I love all of you. Pantay pantay. hahaha!

I love seeing people grow in GOD’s love, grace and favor. Won’t you grow with us, too?

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

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