Thursday, September 4, 2008

GOD's power and faithfulness in my lovelife

It was difficult for me to pick a title for this post because I was just going to have a simple testimony. I was amazed though and still am. Should I start? hahaha!

First testimony, I am just amazed that I will see my honey very soon. It is amazing how GOD moved in our relationship and still does. I surrendered my boyfriend's visit to GOD. I prayed that 'GOD will make a way' and HE did. In fact, it was at the perfect time because Cody has a new job now and to top it off, he has a Christian employer who gave him the permission to visit me so it gave Cody a flexible schedule to visit somehow. We were stressing about the visiting schedule. Before, we planned it on July, September and then we almost postponed it to January. As Christians who trust GOD so much, HE never failed us. As what HE promised in Mark 11:24. Second, we were also trying our best to find a way how to lessen expenses with cellphone load because we'd rather use the money for our future. I was using SMS before which costs 2.50pesos/message. Then we tried transferring to the mobile internet which costs 20pesos/hour. Astoundingly, I saw a website beside my friend's yahoo messenger ID while she was online. It says iMessenger - so I was curious and I visited it. Then I found out it was free trial for your first day of usage and that it's .50cents/message and funny coz I have all networks Smart, Globe and Sun. hahaha! But something is nicer while I was trying to log in my account this morning, I found out that you could actually buy a whole day (24 hours) for only 20pesos. It was such a relief. GOD is so good and faithful! Third, all relationships have rough edges. It's either you deal with them or you don't. Cody and I deal and resolve every complication. One of the best solution is praying together before talking. I have long been a Christian but I only thought of it this week. hahaha! Funny coz I always pray for us but sometimes, I feel like nothing's working coz I get upset for the smallest things (my struggle eversince, for some reason) whenever we talk. But these past 2 days were amazing coz we prayed before we talked. I mean really talk. hehehe! And I can confidently say that I didn't get upset. GOD is already our center but allowing HIM to do that with prayer is WOW! I have never done it before with my past relationships and being able to do it with the man GOD has given me is totally new and unique. Superb!

Cody and I thank GOD so much for the growth each day, for HIS wonderful wisdom and gift of discernment for each one of us. GOD never stops working in our relationship. Every day is our day with GOD!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!


cathy said...

im happy for you...i wish i could see you both together... GOD BLESS mwah

-cathy- said...

Im very happy for what can i say ang taray super english hahaha...
i hope i could meet him and see both of you together... your so blessed my dear...

keep on praying...
miss you