Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You're My God by Jaci Velasquez

A new day is beginning
And all the birds were singing
The sun was shining up in the sky
Sometimes the world around me
Is so awesome it astounds me
It leaves me feeling mystified

Oh I just can't believe
All the beauty I see
It takes my breath away
Sometimes I've gotta say

You're my God
What You've created
So many miracles in every day
You're my God
It's so amazing
It's so incredible I've gotta say
You're my God

I can't even imagine
How He made it happen
To see the silver moon from afar
It's almost unbelievable
It's truely unconceivable
To think of all the billions of stars

When I'm watching a rose
How it naturally grows
Just takes my breath away
There's just one thing to say


Oh all the gifts You've given me
Oh what You do's a mystery, just to be,
Ya got me fallin' to my knees
Oh I just can't believe


I just love this song so much! Well, I love all of the Christian songs in the world hehehe! But this one clearly speaks of my life with God. I lived in sin but because of God's love and grace, I was given a new beginning. A life that only sees beautiful days. Beautiful things. When you feel down, look at your nature. How wonderful and amazing is our GOD! Truly breathtaking. Everything that God created leaves us speechless all the time. He created everything with just His Voice but the most important creation, He spent so much time with using His Hands is man. You are the most beautiful creation. You and me.

I thank God so much for so many miracles in my life everyday. When you are in God's Palm, you will surely experience all the beautiful things inspite of trials. Our GOD is so beautiful!



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