Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turning Point

I've been pondering so long what title I should use for this post. I was experimenting then I suddenly thought of the above title, I had GOD's peace in my heart.

The day that Kuya Israel visited my dad, he talked about turning point. And I agreed without a doubt.

Everyone has his own turning point.

Sometimes, even how long you have become a Christian, you still don't put Christianity into action. Sometimes, it's the opposite.

If you have been a faithful reader of my blog, you already know what happened to my dad last May. My dad testified in front of our congregation last Sunday about his life story and the accident. That was my signal to share some about him to the world for GOD's glory in his life. A beautiful testimony.

My dad had so many vices. A generational curse. He jumped from a two-storey building because they had trouble in a bar with his friends. My dad has a huge improvement now from the May 16th accident. His stories have been more consistent and beautiful. The first and second week after the accident, he talked a lot about death and violence. But now, this is his consistent story to us...

"GOD toured me around familiar places. HE toured me at the school. HE let me see images of you, my family, and of me with my friends drinking. HE told me how I was wasting money on vices and my family just staying at home without the head of the family. GOD showed me my siblings and my family when all of you were in the hospital worried about me. GOD showed me how my siblings have been suffering because of poverty and I was just out having fun with my friends. Since I was doing all of that, HE asked me to go with HIM and leave all of you. I wept and asked for another chance. I told HIM that I will change now and turn away from all vices. I will change my life and be a father to my children and a husband to my wife. GOD gave me another chance. I also told HIM to change me because my family alone cannot help me. Only HE can change me."

This happened before he has been conscious at the hospital. He said when GOD put him back at the hospital, he saw us laying our hands on him and praying for him at the Emergency Room. Actually, when I've placed my hand on his left leg while I was praying, that leg suddenly jerked and moved. I knew then that my dad was safe. Safe in the arms of our FATHER. My dad has been given a second chance to live. He has experienced two divine visitations. You have no idea how much we are very happy about this. GOD gave him his turning point. We waited for more than 25 years for him to change and surrender his life to GOD. Now, it has come. Every wait is truly worth it. I seal my dad with the covering of the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. Peace and Kingdom of GOD upon him all his life.

So for all those who have been waiting for a child, husband/wife, sister/brother, parent, relative or friend to be transformed by GOD, just wait and be patient. Don't ever forget to keep believing and wait for GOD's Perfect Timing. Don't force them to change because only GOD can transform hearts.

I am a living testimony of that fact.




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.


Anonymous said...

Whoa!! That is a great post, Hon! I enjoyed reading that so so much!! A beautiful testimony of what the Lord can do in His timing. And it is so true that we do have to wait for our own indivual turning point because none of us are the same and sometimes it takes an accident to change our hearts and lives. I love you~ God Bless

Angela said...

Thank you sis for sharing...God KNEW I needed to read this today, right at this moment..((hugs))

Karen said...

What a beautiful testimony! Praise the Lord for all He does...

MILK said...

Such a soul-ful testimony!

Thank you for sharing. You are one blessed daughter of your "FATHER" - (In the Highest Heaven and here on Earth.)

We all have our turning point. God changed me and is still changing me. It is He alone who can change a person no matter how solid i think i am, or no matter how firm i think i am, when God works in our lives, He turned everything into something that He wanted us to be. Simply His own.

Thank you for sharing ~hon~

Have a blessed day in the Lord Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Wow, his story is so amazing. Indeed, God is not finish with our families yet. Greater things have yet to be done. Greater things are still to come.:)

Btw, Ate, di ako nakakapagload these days kaya di nakakareply.;p

Lisa said...

I love you and your dad so much my dear. I am so inspired after all these months, I can't even put it into words. I am smiling ear to ear. Love you!

Hon, I wanted to tell you something really quick:

My cell phone has a major problem sweetie. Please call me at 512-243-5308. My home line. My cell phone only works when I completely leave my apt and apt parking lot, which is not as often as I would like. Cingular AT&T says their signal is perfect, so what's the problem? The City of Austin is doing construction right by my apt and it's scrambling the signal. I have an open case with Cingular, but for now they tell me to wait.

Sadly, I don't know whose calling, nor can I make calls when home. It says error in connection and I can't receive texts. Love you and so sorry!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Hon, thank you for sharing this. You have given me renewed strength and belief once again at a time I so desperately needed it. Praise God! I love how He works in our lives.
I'm so happy for you, your family and your dad. That is such wonderful news. On God's timing. Praise God for saving your dad!
Have a blessed beautiful week. Love you.