Sunday, June 7, 2009

My One-Day Summer Vacation

My summer vacation all in one day.


Before summer, I was already working. Summer came, still working.

My sisters spent their vacations here so I never had time alone. I had to share my room with them which is great because I LOVE them and MISS them every day they're away.

Although, all of us need that time ALONE (if you know what I mean).

I've had my own share of failings spiritually. This summer, I had so many. I got SO BUSY at work. I've had my fair share of struggles. Difficulties. Hard battles won by GOD in my life.

And today is MY DAY of being alone. The good time alone. Thank GOD!

Last night, I was worried that my dad might not go with my mom and sister. They were scheduled to go to my sister's high school for her upcoming classes tomorrow. My dad, who currently has amnesia, kept forgetting and he even said he won't go with them. Last night, I prayed so hard because I know I really need time alone. This summer was also spent to babysit my dad. I had to sacrifice my shopping time, fellowship with friends and so much more fun things I would have done because of my dad. But believe me, it was all WORTH it because I LOVE MY DAD SO MUCH. I LOVE seeing him laugh and smile all the time which was so rare before the accident. Now, my dad is like a kid who laughs even if gets the rotten moods. He has improved a lot with his memory if you need an update. hehehe!

In the way, I got so busy that I had left out my spiritual time with GOD. And I felt so LOST.

When my dad showered early this morning around 1am and they all left for the trip at 2am, I was SO relieved. I couldn't stop thanking GOD for this gift - my time alone. I've missed being able to talk to GOD verbally and loudly. I DID THIS MORNING! It was long enough and I LOVE it! It was quite long ago since my last "said-aloud" prayer. I've missed this. Happily, I'm back on track. PRAISE GOD!!! HE did it all for me.

I really need to go back to my FIRST LOVE.

How did you spend your summertime? For US residents, how will you spend your summer vacation? You have months to celebrate it. I had ONE DAY and I'm satisfied.

All of us need a break. Break from school. Break from work. Take a break from your busy schedule. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!!

It was like a year of summer vacation for me. For One More Beautiful Day. And it was all I needed. This was my last chance for this year and I GOT IT! GLORY TO GOD ALONE!




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.

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MILK said...

yay i need time alone with the Lord too.

Haha, i can relate because i too stayed in one room with my sis.

I have been praying aloud for months though. And it became an struggle for me coz while i am praying, there are times that i even forgot what i am's like there's some disruptions going on. Pastor said it is the devil trying to hinder the prayer.

Aside from the daily morning, afternoon and evening devotions, i was introduced to a saturday dawn prayer which i believe every churches in the world do. And i am just so excited praying with the living saints of God. It's just so different.

The morning songs of worship are all great...awakening spirit and feeling God's presence.

Great post ~hon~

God bless you abundantly my dear co-heiress.