Thursday, July 9, 2009

Utter Amazement

I got to hand it to GOD. GLORY TO HIM ALONE!!!

1.) I have a lovely and deeper relationship with my husband-to-be, Cody. I have opened more and shared more and we understand each other more. Just super amazing! GOD did it! With GOD, it is very possible to bridge differences (culture, background, upbringing, gender, race or even personality). Be willing to be changed by GOD inside and out. LOVE some more.

2.) The friend I stated at my testimony portion in my previous blogpost prior to this attended service with us. So amazing! IT'S ALL GOD! HE did it all for me. Her boyfriend sternly texted me that she should be home before 8pm. Service starts at 7pm and it usually ends at 9pm. So I was thinking of what my response would be. I was going to ignore him but then there was a nudge in me that I should be bold enough to say something true. I responded to her boyfriend's text message that he shouldn't worry because I'll bring her home. That we're not bad influence and that he should be confident that we won't party somewhere. I invited him to come with us. The simplest answer I got from him is that he would next time and that I should take care of his girlfriend because he loves her so much. Give a shout of praise unto the LORD! HE makes a way when there seems to be no way. The seal of the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST is truly powerful. I can never doubt it. Thank you for those who prayed. Now, we are praying for his boyfriend to be won for GOD. Please pray with us. Tomorrow, I have another friend to fellowship with. He is going to fly to Taiwan on the 15th. He is like my older brother and he treats me like a little sister princess. hehehe! Please pray for him, too. I desire to win him to GOD. Funny, I keep on insisting to these friends I have that we should meet (anywhere and anytime they can) and I always end up happy with GOD's ministry. It can be difficult but it is SO rewarding and it comes in million folds.

3.) I've noticed that people are so nice and friendly to me today. hehehe! I can just feel so much joy in me. Maybe that's where it's coming from and my joy is from the LORD. I'm just so happy and I have my favorite song (Can't Live A Day by Avalon) for today that I've been singing over and over. No one could ever ruin your happiness if you have joy from GOD. This day is such a wonderful favor from GOD. It's really not the material things that matter but the love you receive and give. I'll just start with worship, it was overflowing with GOD's grace. Both of my friends felt tears in their eyes. The HOLY SPIRIT moves all the time. Second, there was a birthday feast after the service. Third, everyone was happy. Fourth, we met a lady who befriended us. Fifth, a jeepney driver let us ride his jeepney for free so he could bring us to the jeepney terminal for our destination to my friend's house. And we thought there were no jeepneys anymore. Sixth, some guys greeted us goodbye for no reason. A nice tricycle driver and jeepney driver brought me safe to where I'm going with greetings, too. Another tricycle passenger was nice, too. Well, in conclusion, so many nice people you notice when your heart is overflowing with LOVE. There is really no malice, just brotherly/sisterly love to GOD's children and a great reward from GOD. Just like what our preacher shared tonight that when there's misery, there's bitterness.

Be bitter and you'll hate everyone around you. Hate is an extreme word. Just like my morning devotions was about hating evil than just petty things.

I came home a different person - a person full of love from GOD.

I have been meditating about LOVE lately. And it was amazing to sing this song for worship.

1 Corinthians 14:1 (CEV) Love should be your guide...

I praise GOD for the strength HE has given me today. I slept for only a few hours and now I'm still up blogging at 12:10am. hehehe! I praise GOD for all that HE has done today and all that HE is going to do. I pray for the fire to continue burning in us that we will never be complacent and lazy. Let's not only desire for a personal relationship but an intimate relationship with GOD that grows deeper each day. GOD is using you in every way HE can. Everything you say and do is for HIS ministry. If you think that it's useless, GOD thinks it's all worth the effort. Nothing goes to waste when you're serving a living GOD.

Oh my dear FATHER, I couldn't face my life tomorrow without YOUR hope in my heart I know. I CAN'T LIVE A DAY WITHOUT YOU! LORD, there's no night and there's no morning without YOUR loving arms to hold me. YOU're the heartbeat of all I do. I CAN'T LIVE A DAY WITHOUT YOU, MY ONE-AND-ONLY GOD!




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.

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Karen said...

Great post and great things that are happening...and great things are still to come....

Lisa said...

Awe...I was so glad to hear about you and Cody sweetie! Love you lots.