Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sabbath Day

Sabbath - a day of rest and worship

Last night, I got a text message from a friend asking me if I could go to a seminar of a certain networking business today.

Today is Sunday. I work so hard and give all my time to my work and ministry from Mondays through Fridays. I do my laundry every Saturday and do ministry again. Sunday is Sabbath Day for most Christians. It is my GOD day, family day and rest day. If I'm needed by any friend, I try to consider them on Sundays.

But I don't think it could be my "business" day. I don't think it could be my "earning money" day. I am not a lover of money anymore. I am not greedy with money anymore. I earn and spend wisely, not on luxury. I'm not materialistic anymore. I must admit though that I never got satisfied in the past so I wanted more. I had more debts, instead of earning more. But JESUS CHRIST saved me from that financial bondage. I was able to pay my debts from my sinful days.

Now it is my choice to not do business-related things on my Sundays. Why? I am contented with everything GOD has given me and I shall accept everything HE will give me. I do not desire a heart that longs for money and other material things just to satisfy my selfish desires.

Honestly, I am not glorifying myself here or what...I simply want to ask you, would you please have the honor to respect Sabbath and not think of money for just once a week?

Just a thought to ponder today on your Sunday.

When I pondered about the word "Sunday", I suddenly thought of the sun. Then I thought of summer. Then a picture of the beach flashed. Then I thought of a hammock, white sand and blue/green beach. I could either lie on the sand or in the hammock. Which one is better? For me, this is my best picture of Sunday. What's yours?

I LOVE beaches! hehehe! I went to the beach earlier and the water was green and silent. Not too much waves. Not too much people. This is my type of beach. hehehe!

I pray for a continuous FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH in your life!!!




When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.

P.S. I will catch up on blog-reading and blog-commenting this week. That is my goal. Be happy. Don't worry I'll visit your blog sometime this week.


Karen said...

Beautiful post...I agree with your thoughts on staying away from business on Sunday.....

jesse said...

how and when did u start to be like that?...I believe in God and I love Him, but I barely go to church since I find no time. I may have one, but I think praying is enough..(though it may not seem enough)When I read, your blog I realized I have all the time to serve Him, but I don't find away. I'm working and studying too, so I really value every minute, and attending mass every Sunday is pretty hard... I may drop by sometimes, just to say a little prayer, to thank Him and ask for all forgiveness.
As of now, I admit that I prioritize my career most...I want money, I want to own a house, all material things that anyone would want to..I can't help it. But He is always in my heart and in my mind. As long as I don't hurt anyone, and try to live by His words..I think I'm still doing the right thing, though not truly devoted (meaning I don't go to church regularly or read the Bible).

wow super duper long comment! sorry for that...but I love your blog site..I actually found yours from my friend you're part of her blogroll...i'll try to check your new posts, wala lang parang its a way for me to get to know Him more.. =)