Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Surrender List

Surrender - give up or agree to forgo to the power or possession of another

After my turning point, I decided to surrender the following:

1.) Dishonesty - When I backslid at the immature age of 12, I started lying. Gradually, I lied to everyone I know and meet which resulted to...

2.) Deceit - I began deceiving others especially my mother because of things that I wanted to have that I couldn't get when I say the truth which resulted to...

3.) Too much drinking of alcohol - I went to bars or wherever I could drink alcohol. I was not a drunkard, I just entertained it in my life that whoever asked me to drink, I'd go to drink with friends.

These are the bondages that held me and ruined everything that GOD has promised me.
Why am I admitting all of these things? First, I want you to know that I am a sinner saved by GOD's grace through JESUS CHRIST. Second, I've been pondering this week about how people think negatively of others because they do those negative things, as well. The TRUTH hurts but it's SWEET when we choose to follow it. When I surrendered dishonesty, deceit and too much drinking when GOD started transforming me, I began to see people in a different way. When I hated dishonesty, deceit and too much drinking, I started thinking that people feel the same and they don't do it, as well. I began trusting others more. Some people think that's dangerous but I really think that optimism puts you on a glorious pedestal - a pedestal wherein you feel the cold air sweeping on your face during a warm day. SO AMAZING! You just feel so clean inside. No pain. So much humility. Like a great full body massage after a year of hard work. Third, I've been learning a lot about different upbringing, different backgrounds, different personalities, different natures and different temperaments of different people. Not everyone has been converted to Christianity at the early age of 3. Some people are abused and battered. Some people have sibling rivalry and envy their siblings. Some people are moody. Some people until now do not know the TRUTH. Some people are still in bondage even if they have accepted CHRIST already. Some people love committing sins. Some people think that they will go to hell and that's okay. Some people ache for the lost and the spiritual needy. Some people are too wise to displease GOD. Some people serve GOD wholeheartedly without hesitations. Some people welcome GOD's ministry with open arms. Some people have just known JESUS CHRIST today and decided to be missionaries of the LIVING GOD. Different decisions. Different choices. BUT the other is not better than the other - in GOD's eyes.
Why? NO ONE COULD BE PERFECT IN THIS LIFETIME. A little sin is not better than a bigger one. It is still called sin. Everyday, there are big sins committed, there are also small sins. Examine your words, actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions and temperaments. There will always be some kind of imperfection.
Okay I am not here to discourage anyone...I am here to let everyone see that Christians are not better than others. We are all loved equally by GOD. We are still sinners saved by GOD's Amazing Grace.
For the Christians, if you really love GOD, let's start winning (I used the word "win" not save - only JESUS CHRIST can save souls) as many souls as we can now. Take every person you meet as a ministry. Do not choose which people you would like to minister to. Remember that the grumpiest people are the ones who need GOD the most. Well, I'm not saying that you ignore the happiest ones. hehehe! Some cover their pains with a fake smile so WATCH OUT. Represent JESUS CHRIST everyday.

For the non-Christians, please know that GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH and JESUS CHRIST died for your sins and HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU.

For everyone, is there something that you want to surrender to GOD? Share your list and be GOD's Living Testimony of HIS Sufficient Grace.

One more thing...if you surrender something, please do not want it back. GOD WILL MAKE THINGS NEW AND BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR LIFE. From the inside out.





When you feel GOD's love, OVERFLOW!

Make an impact. Make a difference. Make a ripple. Tip the scale. Be a blessing. Be different.

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Anonymous said...

I liked this post a lot. Made me think. I love you Hon!! Have a great weekend!