Thursday, April 24, 2008

God heals in Jesus' Name!

I have to testify again. Too many testimonies of healing. I've been having that tummy pain every once in a while and my feces changed color. I've had one special guy pray for me for one whole day. I've asked one youth to pray for me too. My mom prayed for me too. Of course, I prayed for myself. The mighty name of Jesus heals. Before I visited the doctor, we all prayed very much. After the visit, everything was ok. Feces' color was back to normal. No more tummy pains. God is so faithful and good. ONLY BELIEVE.

Second, for so long I haven't had my rheumatism attack me. Last night, my right leg hurt a lot coz of rheumatism. All I can do is believe in the powerful name of our Jesus. The simplest prayer I've uttered, "Get out of my body now, IN JESUS' NAME!" The pain was gone within a second. OUR GOD IS AMAZING! ONLY BELIEVE! ALL THE GLORY GOES BACK TO OUR GOD ALONE!

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