Wednesday, April 2, 2008

another testimony

I couldn't let this day pass without testifying God's goodness.

Well, this is gonna be short. Earlier this morning, i wasn't feeling too good already coz of my tummy. An unusual pain that I haven't felt before. So i went back to sleep. I woke up at around 10:25am. So my tummy pain got worse. Something i haven't felt before. The pain weakened me so much. I can barely breathe and move. It gave me cold shivers on a very hot morning. Cold sweat and all that. I was thinking of dying and maybe going to the doctor then something struck me. Our GREAT HEALER wants me to pray. I remembered Jesus. I remembered how powerful is His Name. The NAME above all names. The NAME above all sicknesses and pain. I prayed a simple prayer. With so many "In Jesus' Name" in it. I felt compelled to stand up. Claim the healing. Just like the weak people that Jesus healed in the Bible. He would instruct them to stand up. I stood up and amazingly, it's all gone. I can only glorify MY FATHER IN HEAVEN! We can always go to the doctor but consult THE GREATEST HEALER first. He will never let you down. ONLY BELIEVE. Thank you Jesus for the healing power.

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