Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Next Level

I do not regret embracing the G12 vision. It does not overcomplicate what's written in GOD's Word. It desires change in each member to lovingly win more souls for GOD. I am personally changed by GOD through this vision.
My special gratitude belongs to the following people...

I'm super grateful for my G12 pastor, Pastora Queen Helene Panlilio - you have helped me love people more no matter how difficult it is. You totally yield to GOD and you are my inspiration.

I'm overly thankful for my G12 cell leader, Hazel Javier - you inspire me to be soft spoken and to be gentle with words and actions. I have seen you grow as my sister and as my leader.

I'm blessed to have a committed head pastor, Pastor Windsor Cabrera and youth pastor, Kuya Israel Magbanua. Super thank you for your commitment to our FATHER's ministry. You are one of my role models.

I'm deeply humbled with so much of GOD's grace for giving me my most beautiful blessing - Cody Lee Howe! You are so amazing. You taught me a lot of things that i never thought a partner could ever give. You are my first ministry and you have the heart for true commitment. Thank you for enduring the pains with me and for being stern about bringing out the best in me.
You are an epitome of friendship and partnership. Thank you for your humility and love. With you, i have learned to fight coz of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. The enemy has no power over us because of this simple fact - JESUS died for us. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Thank you for standing in the TRUTH and keeping me on GOD's track.


Four of my 12 attended the ENCOUNTER WEEKEND last week. Amazingly, in 2 days and 2 nights, they have encountered GOD like no other simply because they desired change. Deena, the shy type, who stopped attending church services and cell meetings for 2 months is now an active talker and attender. Monicca, the depressed backslider, who used to be depressed at almost everything is now an active soul winner and inviter. Depression turned into joy. GOD's freedom is outstanding. Jergens, the negative thinker and talker, who used to be negative with almost every comment she says is now optimistic and happy for being freed from pessimism. She is going to start cell groups now. Regina, the competitive type, who was always misinterpreted by her classmates is now tactful, loving and understanding. Her classmates testified that she has positively changed. ENCOUNTER GOD and you will truly change and step onto the next level. GOD IS SUPER AMAZING!

Desire change. Focus. Step onto THE NEXT LEVEL.

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