Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Silver Birthday

I've been used to celebrating my birthday kind of alone, if not with my immediate family. I know this is a delayed post but I've been anticipating this. hehehe!
Being in GOD is the best gift I've had my entire life.

I was given the chance to celebrate my birthday with my disciples and friends. Unexpectedly, they gave me gifts that I will forever cherish.

These are the cards given to me. Incomplete coz some gave later. hehehe! I LOVE cards! I asked them to make them for me. hehehe!

New books given by Jergens and Justine

Ballpen holder given by Dayanara

Blouse given by Regina and an angel on a cupcake given by Monicca - I LOVE cupcakes! I'm an angel, huh? hahaha! just kidding!

A shining tiara with H in the middle. My name starts with H! hehehe!

One day, Monicca and I went to the bookstore. I passed by the section of cards. I saw the huge cards then I saw this very cute child. I couldn't let it go but when I looked at the price, I didn't buy it. hehehe! My heart melted at the beauty of this child.
On my birthday, Jerevy said, "Because it's your birthday..." then she held out a huge envelope. I said, "OH NO" and while I was pulling it, I already saw the top lining and I knew it was the card I LOVE. Then I looked at Monicca and said, "You told them." She said no. She said she was also surprised when she saw that 3 of the girls bought it the day before my birthday.

All of my birthday gifts
Special thanks to my Ninang Aleja Good who sent me my birthday money again. To my sisters and sisters in CHRIST at Destiny Ministries International. You all made my birthday happy! Thank you to everyone who greeted me. Special gratitude to my Cody who stays committed in spite of the trials. I love you all!

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Karen said...

Happy belated wishes for your birthday...such wonderful blessings you received!