Tuesday, November 3, 2009

GOD's Magic Slate

Have you felt unworthy today? Undeserving? Nothing really matters? You're a failure?
Guess what? GOD has a magic slate for you.
HE gives you that magic slate everyday. You write all your successes as well as your failures in that magic slate. You write everything before you go to sleep. Then as you pray, you offer that magic slate to GOD.
When you wake up, you have a brand new magic slate. GOD has lifted the top of the slate for you to start all over again.
You are worthy to be loved. GOD thinks you are worthy of HIS love, grace, mercy, faihtfulness and forgiveness. Before and after you have served, GOD says, "I am pleased with you. You don't have to perform to anyone. I am your only audience."
Remember that at the end of the day, it's just you and GOD.
I am done living the life of Saul. I am now ready to live the life of Paul. I am done experiencing my past. I am now super excited to experience and encounter GOD!!! Not just learn new Scriptures, insights or quotes. Not just fellowship with others. BUT really experience and encounter GOD!!!
GOD made me feel so loved this week that I am so excited to make everyone feel loved by HIM.
Are you willing to receive GOD's magic slate? Are you ready to encounter GOD everyday?
Let's journey on!!!

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Karen said...

Amen! His mercies are new every morning....