Sunday, September 6, 2009

Those Little Stones on the Floor

As Pastor Windsor Cabrera asked us to kneel on the floor for our Holy Communion, I was like, "Oh no! Those little stones on the floor!"

They hurt.

And I did it twice. hahaha! Imagine that.

But I just LOVE how GOD convicts my heart and takes me to the deepest part of my knees to humble my complaining mind. hahaha!

As I was kneeling, it was time for my reflections of the Last Supper. During our Holy Communions, I always imagine JESUS CHRIST, HIS Last Supper, HIS sufferings and the Cross.

GOD impressed in my heart that those little stones on the floor that poke my knees painfully are not even half of the sufferings that JESUS experienced before he was hung on the Cross.

"How dare I complain about those little stones on the floor?"

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