Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One of my real-life testimonies

God is so good all the time! Truly, He blesses faithful servants. Eversince I have been transformed by God, I can see Him move in my life and in the lives of people I love. I also believe that everything has a purpose. He rebukes and suffice me all the time. Today is just one of the most awesome days in my life and I know God will give me more of what I am receiving right now. Everyday, there are really amazing things that push me to continue the race coz I know the prize in the end. Whenever I feel like giving up, God's grace is always sufficient coz He definitely uses people to bless me like my real friends and most of all, my family. This ministry is so rewarding.

This morning, I didn't feel like going to work and lead a cell meeting but then God is really always there to push me. I saw my youths and they always make me happy everyday. We always laugh together. These youths are blessed for the wisdom God has given them. Amazingly, my long-time HS friend attended our cell meeting today for the first time. I was really worried about what I am gonna feed her (really worried). God is so good coz after the cell meeting, she told me that she wants to treat me out in a nice restaurant. She gave me a book and 'pasalubong' from Hongkong. How great is our God! One more thing, there was something deep inside me saying to give the leftover to the poor but then my friend accidentally forgot to give it to me. When she texted me after a few moments we parted ways, she told me that she has given the leftover food to the poor people who asked alms from her. God is so good and awesome for using and speaking to such people to bless other people. This is just one of the proofs that God really exists. He does amazing things because He wants to bless us. He wants us to glorify Him alone for the good things He has done in our lives and never to promote ourselves. He wants to let us know that He is there and will never leave us nor forsake us when we are weak. He shows how mighty He is when we feel so weak and small. Face your giants! Continue prophesying good things that are only after the heart of God and desire for spiritual discernment. When He chooses to bless us, He will pour out blessings so be prepared for RAIN! ALL THE GLORY BELONGS TO GOD ALONE!!!

I am just so overwhelmed I had to write a blog about this but there are more. Ask me if you're interested. hehehe!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank the people God has been using to strengthen me in the ministry. Much love and respect to Julie Ann (my long-time HS friend), Nathan, Cody, Jergens, Jerevy, Elisha, Earl, JR, EJ, Jessa, Pastor Windsor and Pastora Tess, Weene, Mia, Shadz, Cor, Kuya Israel, Nonie, Ate Cheryl, Kuya Bernie...especially to my beloved family, you certainly make my life worthwhile..i love you all! Continue to bloom and be faithful in God!

(February 19, 2008)

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